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2021 Arab Tourism Market-Lipstick and Luggage

2021 Arab Tourism Market-Lipstick and Luggage

2021 Arab Tourism Market-Lipstick and Luggage

Last week, I was fortunate to participate in the 2021 edition Arab Tourist Market (ATM).

This year’s hybrid event (virtual and face-to-face) brings together travel destinations from all over the world, showcases their brands around themes, and exhibits with celebrities from the accommodation and hospitality industry, famous tourist attractions, innovative travel technology companies, and major airlines “A new dawn for travel and tourism”. Some of the exhibits I visited during the live event at the Dubai World Trade Center include: Saudi Tourism Authority, Etihad Airways, Flydubai, And of course, Emirates.

The Saudi Tourism Authority has the largest and arguably the most interactive display to take advantage of the country’s recent issuance of tourist visas to tourists from 49 countries. Previously, Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry was mainly related to religious pilgrimages. Its recent expansion and growth in the field of leisure tourism are attributed to the reduction of domestic restrictions and the aforementioned increase in accessibility.

In fact, 10 days after the implementation of tourist visas, an estimated 24,000 foreign tourists have entered the kingdom. Tourists from China topped the list, followed by the United Kingdom and the United States. Some of the attractions promoted by the Saudi Arabian Tourism Administration include: Hanzhi, This Sarawak Mountains, Red SeaAnd some Ancient ruins.

Displayed by the Saudi Arabian Tourism Administration. Picture courtesy of Arabian Tourism Market.

Emirates also carefully showcased the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER game-changing first-class fully enclosed private suites, Boeing 777 business class seats, the newly renovated A380 OnBoard lounge, and other iconic products such as first-class shower The latest version of the spa and the game-changing economy class seat. The highlight of their display is the airline’s recently launched premium economy class seats. Visitors can relax, recline and experience the premium economy class, which has a seat pitch of up to 40 inches and a width of 19.5 inches, which can be comfortably reclined in the cradle position.

Unfortunately, Etihad Airways does not have any seats to display. Their enthusiastic crew entertained guests with gifts and delicacies, while flydubai took the opportunity to showcase their economy and business class cabins.

During the ATM period, it was clear that the priority was to support the tourism industry and promote important business connections between tourists and key stakeholders. By strengthening safety and health measures, ATM can fulfill its promise to provide a safe and reliable environment.

The Arab Tourism Market is a market-leading international travel and tourism event designed to unleash the business potential of the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. The face-to-face event will be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from May 16th to 19th, while the virtual event will be held from May 24th to 26th.

Emirates Air Show. Picture courtesy of Arabian Tourism Market.

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