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42 Abu Dhabi hosts AI workshop with over 1,000 virtual attendees

42 Abu Dhabi, the innovative and disruptive coding school in the UAE capital offering a unique peer-to-peer, gamified learning approach, hosted an insightful session on “Artificial Intelligence: The Power for Good” moderated by Associate Professor Dr Sanaa Elyassami Force’s Seminar 42 received a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in Abu Dhabi.

This is the first workshop organized and hosted by 42 Abu Dhabi which is open to all 42 Network communities across 47 campuses around the world and saw the successful participation of over 1,000 virtual participants from all 42 Networks.

Open to technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the future of technology, the workshop explores current use cases of artificial intelligence (AI), considerations arising from its development and use, and the implications of AI for industry and society affect the whole. Participants of the workshop gained insight into the application of artificial intelligence in our daily life, its development history, its application in machine learning algorithms and facial recognition technology, and its main challenges.

Marcos Muller Habig, Acting Chief Executive Officer of 42 Abu Dhabi, said: “Hosting this workshop with more than 1,000 virtual attendees is part of 42 Abu Dhabi’s efforts to educate students on artificial intelligence and other emerging topics to support them in future proofing. own careers and ensuring that they successfully push the boundaries of digital innovation.At 42 Abu Dhabi, we are passionate about expanding the role of our students in the digital arena, providing them with the tools to enable them to contribute to the knowledge-based sustainable development of the UAE. Paving the way for economic transformation.”

Following the session, 42 Abu Dhabi students held a question and answer session with Dr. Sanaa, highlighting 42 Abu Dhabi’s unwavering efforts to code 42 Abu Dhabi students through their participation in 21st century skills-based activities As employees come together, these skills are key digital domains in decoding their potential.

42 Abu Dhabi, an innovative and disruptive coding school, was launched in 2020 as an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and Abu Dhabi’s Ghadan 21 Accelerator Program to drive Abu Dhabi Zhabi’s continued growth is in business, innovation and people.

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