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5 best Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi

5 best Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi

5 best Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi
pizza. credit:

Don’t you like the authentic Italian cream, cheese and carbohydrate-rich meals! It may not be the right time to visit Italy during the pandemic, but you can visit the best Italian restaurants in Abu Dhabi and enjoy being transported to the land of pasta and pizza!Visit any or all of these hotspots and don’t forget to Mall Burn calories and reduce the burden on your wallet.

Carpaccio. Image source: Pexels

Milan cafe

It started in Washington, D.C., and is now a popular restaurant branch in Abu Dhabi, serving delicious lunch and dinner with an elegant terrace view. Their carpaccio is one of the best you will have, and risotto is another choice when you visit this elegant themed restaurant. Milan Cafe is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi.


Sacci’s Westin Hotel in Abu Dhabi pays homage to the long-standing Italian tradition through its decorations, food and beverages, and has done an incredible job. Elaborate gourmet masterpieces are simply presented and let your food speak. Whether you live in Abu Dhabi or just visit, this is a place not to be missed!

Dino’s Italian Bistro

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Dino’s Bistro is not only the most popular Italian restaurant, but also a place that provides familiarity and comfort, especially for Italian lovers. The wipes here are one of the best wipes you will like, and most meals provide wholesome portions. Enjoy the dining experience and don’t forget the takeaway!


Cipriani at Yas Marina is one of the oldest restaurants serving high-end Italian cuisine and a force that cannot be ignored. Steak tartare is a favorite of customers, but in addition to the magnificent scenery, the journey to and from the restaurant is also well worth a visit.

A plate of glutinous rice balls
A plate of glutinous rice balls.Credit: no splash

Villa Tuscany

You may not have the opportunity to visit Tuscany, but you can spend time in Tuscany and enjoy the food at Villa Toscana The St. Regis Abu Dhabi. Their dumplings are great, although they also serve cream risotto, there are plenty of seafood for you to explore and experience. We recommend that you forget your diet while chewing food!

You can also make an appointment Culinary Journey Learn about local and international cuisine in Abu Dhabi.

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