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Abu Dhabi launches food safety campaign in Ramadan

In conjunction with Ramadan, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has launched an intensive inspection and awareness campaign to ensure safe food handling and reduce food waste as part of its efforts to strengthen food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, enabling communities welfare and safety.

Inspection activities are focused on monitoring and correcting wrongful practices of food establishments through approved procedures to ensure the highest level of food safety during Ramadan, including food stores, distribution centres, suppliers, outlets of sale, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, Traditional kitchen and catering company.

They are also targeting meat and fish markets and vegetable and fruit shops to ensure they comply with food safety requirements.

At the same time, awareness campaigns on food waste focus on its detrimental economic and environmental impacts, as ADAFSA provides the consumer public with a set of tips and guidance on the importance of preserving food and encouraging optimal use of food.

ADAFSA confirmed that its inspection teams are stepping up visits to food businesses operating across the emirate to ensure they meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

They also aim to increase worker awareness of proper food safety practices, such as handling food in a healthy manner in terms of preservation and storage, maintaining general cleanliness in preparation areas, and emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene and hand washing in designated facilities. In addition to the commitment to wear Protective clothing such as hoods, masks and gloves to establish the responsibility of food handlers to comply with food safety practices and requirements.

In conjunction with inspections, ADAFSA conducts extensive awareness campaigns targeting all segments of society to promote the concept of a food safety culture at all stages of the food chain. This includes tips and guidance on buying food correctly, as well as proper practices for storing, preparing, cooking, preserving and serving food.

It also includes raising awareness of the potential risks of wrong actions and practices in handling meals and food.

The Authority also highlighted that this year’s campaign focuses on food waste and its detrimental economic and environmental impact on society.

It provides consumers with a range of tips and guidance on the importance of preserving food and encouraging efficient use of food, and raises awareness of the importance of shopping wisely, purchasing the necessary quantities of food based on family size, checking food before buying shelf life.

ADAFSA states that the campaign aims to change the behavior of individuals in handling food, especially as food consumption increases during Ramadan, in addition to raising community awareness of the importance of reducing food waste by conserving food, planning meals, and identifying Appropriate amounts of food purchased.

It also stated that, in addition to some interactive activities with the public, it also conducts awareness and guidance activities through its official accounts on social media to raise community awareness on the best correct food and safe handling practices and waste reduction.

The Authority also encourages the public to communicate with them and report any irregularities found at any food establishment such as non-compliance or suspected food content by calling the Abu Dhabi Government’s toll-free number 800555. ADAFSA’s inspectors will deal with complaints and take necessary steps to ensure safe and secure food is provided to all members of the community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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