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Are Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Ready for Piers Morgan’s Challenge?

Are Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Ready for Piers Morgan’s Challenge?

Are Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Ready for Piers Morgan's Challenge?

Piers Morgan, one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s most outspoken critics, has reportedly challenged the Sussexes to sit with him for a final showdown.

In a new interview, the former Good Morning Britain host admits he’d love to be with Susek after the couple shined in interviews, the documentary series and Harry’s book Standby. The Duke and Duchess face off for a final showdown.

On Spencer Matthews’ Big Fish podcast, the broadcaster said it was time to sit down and talk to the duo. “I do think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fantastic for them and for me,” he suggested.

Harry and Meghan, who did not directly respond to Morgan’s challenge, appeared to ignore his overture.

A source close to the Sussexes said Archie and Lilybet’s parents “have no plans to start any new war with the hosts”, adding that it won’t do any good but will certainly affect the show’s ratings Rate.”

In the same interview, the 57-year-old Uncensored host took a crude swipe at the Duke, saying: “I think he’s totally cheated, totally cheated, very manipulative. I mean, they’re as bad as each other , to be honest. I think he really believes he can do it all.”

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