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At the Olympics, no one is more difficult to deal with than the US women’s gymnastics team

At the Olympics, no one is more difficult to deal with than the US women’s gymnastics team

Chillis then played her Olympic tickets at the June trials in St. Louis, Missouri, second only to Byers. Sunisa Lee with Grace McCallum, Both 18, perfect phenomenon four (just Take that out for a test drive) At the same time McKayla Skinner, 24, and Yu Kelly21. Eligible to participate in individual competitions.

“I was horrified, so crazy, I’ve been waiting for this moment,” Rio’s substitute Skinner, tell Nowadaysof Horda Kotb In the collective appearance with the Sensational Six (again, just Check…) After the test. McCallum is a young man in the team. He said: “You only need to remember that I did a thousand such moves in the gym, so you only need to believe in yourself, believe in your gymnastics, you Know what I am doing. I am doing it.”

bile recognition Sports Illustrated Recently, she won only four gold medals instead of five at the Rio Olympics. She actually felt “very ashamed”. Her fifth gold medal was a bronze medal on the balance beam. (she and swimmer Katie Ledkey Leading all American women in 2016 with 5 medals per person. ) But years of training and winning (she now holds 19 world championship gold medals and 25 medals) and becoming her own since then, everything has changed.

When asked what advice she might have to other young women in coping with stress and heavy expectations, Byers told E! May News, “My advice is to be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you the difference. If you have a goal, dream—whatever it is, fight for it, and don’t let anyone hinder you. Because it’s happening. It’s scary, it should, but in the end it will be rewarded, even if you walk on that road alone. Go and do it, and believe in yourself.”

As for herself when she was training for the Olympics, she was just excited about the competition, “showing off our athletic ability to work hard and train.”

No matter what happens on the floors, beams, vaults, and uneven bars in Tokyo, we will witness an indescribable feat of strength.

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