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Beko launches eco-friendly home appliances

Beko launches eco-friendly home appliances

Beko, Europe’s leading home appliance brand, has launched its latest eco-friendly range of home appliances to promote sustainable living for consumers.

The new product range is in line with the company’s sustainable development mission and promises reliability, high performance and the use of advanced technologies to enable everyone to enjoy a healthy life.

Beko’s latest products include the new RecycledNet oven, made from recycled fishing nets and industrial line waste, and the HarvestFresh refrigerator, featuring innovative 3-color LED technology and a dark period that mimics the sun’s 24-hour cycle to preserve vitamin C in fruit and A-content vegetables for longer, the RecycledTub washer, which uses recycled plastic bottles in the tub to be kinder to the planet without compromising durability and performance, the IronFinish tumble dryer designed for garment results, and superior AutoDose connects dishwashers to save time, household water and energy, all with the highest quality standards for customers.

Sustainable Development Vision

In response to consumers’ growing demand for sustainable products, the company continues to implement its sustainable development vision in its new product range, transforming sustainable development into a business model and integrating it into all aspects of its operations to achieve sustainable development in the future. Healthy living on a healthy planet.

The launch also comes after OnePoll partnered with Beko to conduct a comprehensive survey of 2,000 consumers in the region to understand how customer attitudes towards kitchen design are changing across the region. The results of the study show that the most popular needs in modern kitchens are timeless design and cutting-edge technology.

According to the study, customers prefer kitchens and appliances for quality, functionality, and aesthetics, with users citing quality as the main factor when comparing them with other appliances. Most importantly, 93% of respondents are looking for kitchen appliances with more innovative technologies.

demand transfer

Oral Bozkurt, General Manager and Regional Director, Beko Gulf FZE, said: “In response to shifting consumer needs, we strive to positively impact change in the region by listening to our customers. Over the years we have focused on sustainable living, creating Advanced and affordable products to promote sustainable lifestyles. With our latest collection, we have further enhanced the quality of our products across all categories to provide better fit, feel, finish and usability.”

“It is undeniable that innovative technology is becoming more prevalent in kitchens around the world, and our research shows that consumers are actively seeking new advancements and features when purchasing appliances. In our opinion, Beko’s latest range is just The first of many products that will advance this goal and meet the evolving needs of consumers,” he added.

More than 27 percent of the 2,000 adults surveyed admitted to switching to a newer model appliance or gadget within a week, while 34 percent claimed they were not satisfied with their current kitchen. To meet these challenges, Beko’s line of eco-friendly appliances aims to deliver exceptional appliances that promise reliability, durability and new-age design, while adhering to the highest sustainability standards for a cleaner lifestyle. — trade arab news agency

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