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Bird God Entertainment Announces Inaugural Resident Class of 2023

Bird God Entertainment Announces Inaugural Resident Class of 2023

MakeMake Entertainment is proud to announce the inaugural class of MakeMake Residencies. The nine-month co-op program is designed to open paths for diverse professionals working in the entertainment industry. Areas of focus include editing, visual effects, design, sound supervision and production. Netflix is ​​the flagship partner of the program, led by Netflix Creative Equity Funddedicated to helping create new opportunities for underrepresented communities in entertainment.

With the help of outreach from a network of leading culture change organizations including the Ghetto Film Institute, UCLA Center for Scholars and Storytellers, Storyline Partners, Chicken & Egg Pictures, and more, the program received an overwhelming response from more than 500 applicants.

The five residents selected for the program are Adiana Rivera (Editor), Mohammad Rahman (Editor), Jason Gaines (Design and Visual Effects), Pilar Fitzgerald De (sound supervision) and Anferni Aguado (production).

Residents will work directly with Makemake artists and producers, participating in the company’s unique interdisciplinary approach, and are already working on active studio projects spanning documentary and scripted content, major feature films, entertainment marketing and global advertising. Led by Residency Co-Directors Liat Rubin and Bedonna Smith, Head of Talent Ann Hoang and Managing Director Jennifer Sofio Hall, the program will include one-on-one mentoring with Bird God professionals, internal and external speaking engagements, career development and working with leading company among many collaborators and customers. Through the program, participants will deepen their storytelling skills and continue to develop the skills they need to thrive. Residents will be involved in the Bird God’s family of companies, including rock-paper-scissors, Elastic, a52, Primary, Jax, Indestructible and MakeMake Entertainment.

Angus Wall, Founder of MakeMake, said: “We are delighted to welcome Pilar, Adi, Moh, Anfernee and Jason to the studio. We are so grateful for the opportunity to study with these five creatives who will help shape the future of our industry. We look forward to Looking forward to growing the Residency program in the future and thank our partners Netflix for their continued vision and support.”

Managing Director Jennifer Sofio Hall said: “As residents explore their interests in creative fields, they will have the opportunity to gather meaningful resources and industry knowledge that will prepare them for productive paths ahead. We thank our colleagues at Netflix , and their support allows us to continue working on the future of our industry.”

Editorial Resident: Adiana Rivera (she/she)

Adiana Rivera is a Bronx native and documentary filmmaker. Adiana’s work focuses on identity, gentrification, community and culture. Her talents include cinematography, photography and video editing.

Resident Producer: Anfernee AguadoHe He)

Anfernee Aguado is a native Los Angeles native and has been working as a film/video producer for the past three years. He has experience working on a variety of projects including music videos, short films and commercials. He looks forward to continuing his career path and growing as a professional.

Design and VFX Resident: Jason Gaines (He He)
Jason is a self-taught filmmaker, director and VFX artist. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he started freelance filmmaking immediately after high school, working on everything from music videos to feature films, sketches and commercials. Inspired by YouTubers such as Corridor Digital and Dormtainment in the early 2010’s, Jason’s passion for content creation began to take shape. Jason enjoys creating VFX content for social media, sharing his short film work on YouTube, and making feature films.

Editorial Resident: Mohammed Rahman (He He)

Mohammed “Moh” Rahman is an editor in Astoria, Queens.He has been in the industry for the past five years, editing everything from commercials and hits to feature-length documentaries. His early influences include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Pokémon (Kanto-Sinnoh), and PBS late-night film segments.these days he is watching drive to survive, how to with john wilson and Mike Lee movies.

Resident Sound Supervisor: Pilar Fitzgerald (she/she)
Pilar Fitzgerald is a music fan with a passion for the intersection of diversity, discovery and curation. After working in event management at Harvard, Pilar joined NPR’s up-and-coming events team, where she led various editorial events and programs, most notably the annual Little Desk Contest. Pilar’s dedication to helping artists grow culminated in Berkeley’s Global Entertainment and Music Business master’s program in Valencia, Spain. She is excited to delve into music for visual media and learn about the creative elements that bring visuals to life.

MakeMake Entertainment produces award-winning feature films, TV shows, commercials, trailers, major titles and more.Projects include Netflix’s Jennifer Lopez documentary Intermission, Is it dark enough for you? ! ? and Liberty Burning: Ukraine’s Fight for FreedomHBO’s main titles last survivor and gourd’s Only the murders in the building, trailer Avatar: The Way of Water, Visuals for Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’, Nike FC’s ‘Welcome to Football’ and Taylor Swift’s editorial for ‘Great: A Short Film’. The firm provided editorial, design and visual effects for several commercials that will premiere in the NFL’s Super Bowl LVII.

About Niaoshen Entertainment

The MakeMake company is top notch, having won top awards in advertising, design, television and film. They are Rock Paper Scissors for editorial, Elastic for design and animation, a52 for visual effects, Primary for color, Jax for trailers and entertainment marketing, Indestructible for sound, and MakeMake Entertainment for original content.

For more information, please visit MakeMakeEntertainment.com website And follow MakeMake instagram, Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

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