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Coronavirus vaccine: Abu Dhabi, UAE provides tourists with coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine: Abu Dhabi, UAE provides tourists with coronavirus vaccine

This UAE Vaccine tourism has been quietly launched, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi will provide tourists with free injections after approving the vaccination for all holders of visas issued by its authorities.

Abu Dhabi has not officially announced the vaccinations for tourists, but the emirate’s authorities stated in a brief statement earlier this month that all people on “entry visas” can get the Covid-19 vaccine free of charge.

The UAE is made up of seven emirates, including the capital Abu Dhabi and do whatever you want Dubai.

Social media groups have asked tourists how to use the vaccination system, which was previously only open to UAE residents with locally issued ID cards.

However, health care in Abu Dhabi now application There is a facility for tourists to register for the US-German Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or the China-made vaccine Sinopharm.

The app has two separate tabs-one for Emirati and residents, and the other for visitors.

Tourists can use the passport information on the app to make an appointment. The app stipulates that people with a visa issued by Abu Dhabi or a passport “eligible for visa on arrival” can register for vaccinations.

It added that a visa certificate or entry stamp is required for vaccination.

When contacted by AFP, the Abu Dhabi authorities did not provide further details about the initiative.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Commission stated in a June 11 statement that “for their safety and health, and taking into account the special circumstances of the pandemic,” it has also approved an entry visa or residence permit People who have expired are vaccinated.

The UAE has launched a vibrant vaccination campaign, some of which have the highest coverage rates in the world.

Although living in bay The country has basically returned to normal, restaurants and hotels have opened, and it continues to enforce strict masks and social distancing regulations.

Dubai was one of the first destinations to open its doors to tourists. In July last year, just a few months after the coronavirus pandemic, tourists were able to enter the emirate.

At the same time, Abu Dhabi is more cautious and only opened to tourists in December.

The two cities are only 90 minutes apart by highway, but due to the pandemic, visitors to Abu Dhabi must test negative for the coronavirus.

The UAE does not publish Covid-19 data for each emirate, but so far it has recorded more than 613,993 cases nationwide, including 1,763 deaths.

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