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Covid: 92% of patients in Abu Dhabi have no persistent symptoms-News

Covid: 92% of patients in Abu Dhabi have no persistent symptoms-News

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health-Abu Dhabi shows that only 8% of respondents have experienced long-term Covid-19

In order to greatly improve the effectiveness of vaccination and screening activities, a recent survey by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health found that 92% of people did not show persistent Covid-19 symptoms after testing negative.

The two-week survey included 2,000 respondents in the Emirate. Only 8% of the respondents had experienced long-term Covid, that is, those with symptoms that lasted for weeks or months.

The survey stated: “Like other international studies, only 8% of respondents have experienced long-term Covid, 39% have experienced some symptoms for a week, and 5% have experienced at least 8 weeks or more of symptoms. symptom.”

Changes in mood and energy levels have been found to be the most common symptoms of long-term Covid.

“Approximately 52% of people feel tired, 35% have a persistent cough, and 27% are emotionally negative.”

More than half of long-term Covid respondents (52%) are able to perform normal daily activities.

At the same time, the survey found that adults are twice as likely to be hospitalized as children, and if they are 40 years old and above, they are 2.5 times more likely than children. People who are 19 years of age or younger and have no comorbidities are rarely hospitalized.

By analyzing the smoking rate, the survey found that e-cigarettes increase the risk of hospitalization.

Although 13% of e-cigarette users who participated in this study required hospitalization, which was more than three times that of non-smokers, this proportion dropped to 6% among smokers.

In addition, obese people are 70% less likely to be asymptomatic and 3 times more likely to be hospitalized.

Many people who have severe Covid-19 symptoms or require hospitalization have comorbidities. Approximately 31 respondents were obese, 24% had asthma, 14% had respiratory disease or high blood pressure, and 6% had diabetes.

The health authorities in Abu Dhabi have been conducting various investigations including the seroprevalence rate and the effectiveness of vaccination. The emirate has been taking timely interventions to curb the spread of the virus. With the testing of the Delta variant and the increase in national mortality, the national sterilization program will resume from Monday, and strict testing regulations will be implemented for entry into the emirate.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention reported that 299,275 PCR tests were conducted, and 1,565 new cases, 1,508 recovered and 4 deaths were found nationwide.

So far, 16.34 million doses of vaccine have been vaccinated, with a distribution rate of 165.23 doses per 100 people. More than 68% of the UAE population has been fully vaccinated.


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I am a journalist from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The heart of a reporter. I heard my story from the street. As a South Indian born in the heartland of Hindi, it is easy for me to connect with people from different nationalities and cultures. I am a calm, sensitive and very patient reporter like a monk. In the field, I covered a range of topics related to community, health, embassies, tourism, transportation, business and sports. I will stand up to do the right thing and stick to my beliefs.

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