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Covid in the UAE: How parents protect unvaccinated children during Eid al-Fitr-News

Covid in the UAE: How parents protect unvaccinated children during Eid al-Fitr-News

Urge vaccinated adults to continue to observe safety rules, which will ensure that children follow these rules

Medical experts said that parents need to take extra care of their children, especially children who have not been vaccinated, and strictly monitor them when they go out during the Eid holiday.

Children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19 and still cannot protect against the coronavirus. Unfortunately, Delta variants mainly infect unvaccinated people. Authorities in Abu Dhabi prohibit children under 12 from participating in Eid al-Fitr prayers in mosques.

Before the long holiday, Dr. Kiran Krishnan, a pediatrician expert at the Medcare Medical Center in Dubai Discovery Garden, said that vaccinated adults must continue to abide by safety rules, which will ensure that children comply with these rules.

“Even if vaccinated, parents and guardians should not be negligent during the holidays. They should act responsibly and take precautions, as this will also protect unvaccinated children. Delta variants are more contagious, but in general Said that children with Covid-19 are less likely to be seriously ill.”

Dr. Krishnan said that parents must focus on the correct use of masks.

“Parents must be extra careful and ensure that children wear well-fitting masks. It must be worn, used, removed and disposed of correctly. Parents must guide and supervise their children so that they do not touch surfaces in public places and wash their hands frequently,” he added .

Dr. Saheer Sainalabdeen, a pulmonologist at Medeor Hospital in Dubai, said that the infection rate in children has been low, but as the Delta variant is detected, parents must be careful.

“We have not seen many cases of infection in children. However, the Delta variant is aimed at people who have not been vaccinated. Children under the age of 12 are still not eligible for injections. Therefore, parents have good reasons to strengthen their use at home and outdoors. Preventive measures.”

Dr. Sainalabdeen said that parents must avoid taking their children to crowded places.

“Children under the age of three are best to wear face masks when going out in public. In addition, visits by family, relatives and friends must be limited to those who have been vaccinated. It is best for everyone to undergo PCR testing before family gatherings.”

If the child has any symptoms, Dr. Sainalabdeen will emphasize saliva or PCR tests.

“If any child has symptoms of Covid-19, then parents must take the child for PCR testing. If nasal swab testing is not possible, then they must choose saliva testing.”

Dr. Krishnan added that if parents feel symptoms, they must self-isolate and be screened immediately.

“Since the main transmission of Covid-19 to children is mainly within the family, if any parents or family members have any new health problems, they should not just think that it is just flu symptoms and climate change issues. They must self-isolate and undergo RT -PCR test. They should only come into contact with children after confirming a negative result.”


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