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Deloitte Middle East hires 3,000 professionals in 18 months

Deloitte Middle East hires 3,000 professionals in 18 months

Deloitte, a leading professional services network, hired over 3,000 professionals, 50% of them women, in 18 months to meet the growing demands of the Middle East’s ongoing socioeconomic transformation.

The company is driving some large-scale projects in the region and supporting the national economic vision of the public and private sectors.

This was revealed at the company’s annual partner meeting at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. The conference brought together over 300 partners in a series of keynotes, discussion panels and workshops focused on supporting growth and national vision in the Middle East.

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Mutasem Dajani, CEO, Deloitte Middle East, said: “The Museum of the Future is the perfect venue for our global and regional leaders to come together and exchange insights and perspectives on this rapidly evolving market.” – Leading Growth, Fostering Innovation, Excellence, Diversity and Inclusive culture. We will continue to bring the best of Deloitte’s global network to the forefront of the ongoing socioeconomic transformation in the Middle East,” he added.

The partners discussed Deloitte’s multidisciplinary model, which aims to provide clients with a full range of end-to-end services, enabling them to address challenges and seize opportunities. This puts Deloitte in the best position to leverage emerging technologies and drive digital transformation, which plays a key role in the success of the region’s national agenda, supporting economic diversification and growth.

Discussions also covered a wide range of other topics, including the future of work, Deloitte’s unique employee value proposition for attracting top talent, and Deloitte’s commitment to purpose-led growth. The theme of the partner conference was “Making a better future a reality” and was moderated by renowned futurist Gerd Leonhard, with topics including artificial intelligence, digital cloud, networking, sustainability and ESG. trade arab news agency

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