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Dominique Fishback and Chlöe Explore the Depths of Obsessed Fandom in ‘Swarm’: Trailer

Dominique Fishback and Chlöe Explore the Depths of Obsessed Fandom in ‘Swarm’: Trailer

A Horror Series About Stan Culture That Seems Inspired By Fusion well-known fandom?this is the point donald glover The latest TV tour with Janine Nabers group. The concept is pure brilliant as Dominic Fishback plays Dre in the movie golden video Crazy fan of the series as world’s greatest pop star She ventures on an unexpected cross-country trek that could lead to more plot twists than she anticipated.

As seen in the trailer, which premiered Friday (Feb. 24), Fishback’s character tests how far a person’s obsessive love can take them. Chlöe Bailey (Dre’s sister Marissa), Damson Idris (Marisa’s boyfriend Khalid) and others, including Ricky Thompson, Paris Jackson, Rory Culkin, Kirsey Clemons and Byron Powers also star in the series.

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“She’s not like everyone else. She knows what we’re thinking and has a name for it. She’s a goddess,” Dre says in the two-minute trailer.this creepy clip Suggesting that this “killer bee” may not be able to control her impulses when it comes to her queen. In a separate scene, someone added that she earned the nickname, “[You’re] part of the group. Talking about Nija, you got stung

When Dre was later asked about stashing the dead body in the trunk, she burst into a wacky laugh and was seen wiping a pool of blood, so the series proved itself to explore the horrific depths of neurotic fan behavior.

Janine Nabers serves as showrunner for the series, and Donald Glover directs the pilot episode.all episodes group Debuts March 17 on Prime Video. Watch the full trailer above.

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