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Emirates News Agency – UAE Government, ICAO launch ‘Global Accelerator Ambassador’ program


MONTREAL, 15th May, 2023 (WAM) — Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Development and Future of the Government, has affirmed the UAE’s desire to strengthen and strengthen its global partnerships with international organizations and institutions, especially with the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO), which contributes effectively to the development of the global aviation industry and invests in future models of work aimed at fostering aviation readiness for the future.

This was announced during Al Roumi’s speech at the 229th Session of the ICAO Council at the organization’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada, where she announced the launch of the Global Accelerator Ambassador Program, which aims to empower the organization’s leadership through accelerator tools and methodologies power to support ICAO’s transformational vision into the future.

Participants during the meeting included the President of the ICAO Council, Salvador Sciacchitano; the Secretary-General of the Organization, Juan Carlos Salazar; members of the ICAO Council, the Directors of its Regional Offices and some officials.

Al Roumi said: “The Global Accelerator Ambassador Program embodies the vision of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Instructions from His Highness Al Maktoum., as part of the UAE government’s mandate to strengthen international cooperation and empower leaders to drive preparations for a shared future globally and for more sustainable opportunities for future generations.”

She added that the accelerator will bring together a shared vision of partners and relevant sectors to find practical solutions to aviation industry challenges, implement new innovative programs and initiatives, and design regulatory policies to deliver ambitious results in record time. achieve tangible results.

Al Roumi continued: “The future of aviation is undergoing massive disruption, most notably digital transformation. Global digital investment has doubled over the past five years, from US$1 trillion in 2018 to US$20,000 this year. billion dollars, driving technological evolution faster than expected. By 2026, spending on digital technologies and services is expected to reach $3.5 trillion.”

The Minister emphasized the importance of sustainable development of the aviation industry by adopting cutting-edge technologies such as green technology and ultra-light materials, providing the industry with new opportunities to do more with less, noting that the aviation industry will continue to grow at 4.3% per year for the next 20 years.

“The future direction of aviation reflects the need to design future models of work that are more fit for the future as the world faces rapid changes such as climate change, pandemics, cyber challenges and economic complexity. To proactively address these disruptions, including ICAO International organizations, including the United Nations, must play a key role in co-creating the future with greater agility, creativity and empathy,” she added.

Al Roumi also commended ICAO Member States for choosing the UAE to host the 3rd ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF3), which was held in conjunction with the UAE-hosted COP28. She affirmed that the UAE has a comprehensive vision to improve the sustainability of the aviation industry as it adopts a net-zero aviation target, becoming the first country in the region to achieve climate neutrality.

“Designing the future is a fundamental pillar of the UAE government’s work. In 2016, the Government Accelerator was launched to rethink the workings of government entities by introducing a unique business model based on accelerating results, enhancing collaboration and stimulating innovation. For six years, the Government Accelerator has received More than 3,000 employees from the UAE government and private sector, who were able to find innovative solutions to more than 60 challenges across various sectors within 100 days,” she said.

The minister highlighted the UAE’s keenness to share its experience and knowledge globally to benefit from it to grow their businesses and improve the efficiency of their operations and services. The UAE Government has successfully exchanged experiences and best practices with 30 governments and international organizations through the Government Experience Exchange Programme. The Government Accelerator, also launched in three countries, is an international organization designed to lead the way for impact and strategic goals.

In her speech, she shed light on the leadership of the UAE, which has managed to cement its position as the most competitive among the Arab states, with an economy growing by more than 6% in 2022 despite the Covid-19 pandemic, while At its fastest rate of growth in more than a decade. Trade also rose by 19%, with the UAE maintaining its lead as the region’s top FDI destination. The UAE also ranks high in 156 global competitiveness indicators and ranks in the top 10 out of 432 global competitiveness indicators.

Sciacchitano, in turn, said, “The focus of the ICAO Council today is to review ICAO’s working methods and processes in order to improve their efficiency while strengthening the inclusive due diligence required for effective standardization.” The insights that the Accelerator Ambassador Program has generously shared with us are highly relevant to this work, and I am very grateful to Ohood Al Roumi for his personal commitment to raising awareness of this important global initiative in our member states.”

“The UAE Accelerator Workshop is a good example of best practice for future cooperation between Member States and the ICAO Secretariat. It significantly complements ICAO’s ongoing transformation goals, in particular our digital transformation, which is my One of the highest priorities,” Salazar noted.

The Global Accelerator Ambassador Program represents a new phase of strategic partnerships between the UAE government and international organisations. This is an international initiative to exchange experience and knowledge, share the UAE government accelerator model that has proven to be successful globally, and support efforts to spread the culture of government accelerators with various organizations, enabling them to meet challenges and achieve ambitious Target.

The program aims to build the capacity of staff of international organisations, qualify them for the government accelerator approach and enable them to work on developing transformational projects in their organizations, in addition to spreading accelerator culture within the organization through the ability to build accelerators. Generation Accelerator Ambassador.

The program aims to strengthen the UAE’s global leadership by raising awareness of government accelerator models and concepts. It represents a new platform for knowledge transfer and global capacity building, as well as establishing and strengthening partnerships with international organizations and developing an advanced framework for future cooperation.

As part of the framework of the Global Accelerator Ambassador Programme, the Government Accelerator team at the Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Affairs, conducted an intensive workshop for the ICAO team, ICAO Council members Sciacchitano, Salazar, ICAO Council members , its regional offices and some officials.

The workshop reviewed the objectives of the partnership between the UAE Government and ICAO, the UAE’s successful experience in developing a government accelerator (a world first), the concept of the accelerator, and the 100-day challenge methodology.

Brainstorming sessions were held to design ideas and set challenges, in addition to intensive sessions for practical implementation of the accelerator’s work phases, which included design, strategic planning, implementation and setup of the 100-day challenge program and its related phases. .

During the 2022 World Government Summit, the UAE government signed a memorandum of understanding and partnership with ICAO to exchange best practices, knowledge and expertise in aviation; Countries that have signed agreements with the organization. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Ghjawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the World Government Summit, signed the agreement with Sciakitano.

The agreement focuses on accelerators and innovations in civil aviation, cybersecurity and development modules, while supporting the exchange of expertise in support of the global aviation industry.


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