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Even sex/life intimacy experts blushed in Bridgerton

Even sex/life intimacy experts blushed in Bridgerton

The intimate coordinator starts with preparation (“We will not come in at the last minute and hold your hand”) to develop a vision for each sex scene. “What is the maximum amount of nudity, what action do we really need to take?” Hu Deji pointed out. “We are really lucky Sex life Because we had a lot of rehearsals, these rehearsals helped the actors to get rid of their heads and just perform because they already knew what would happen and what their modest costumes would be. I think this is a great help in protecting the mental health of our performers in this industry. ”

Of course, there will be a lot of laughter when shooting hot scenes. “One of my favorite moments was when Billie was simulating oral sex, we were arranging part of the sex montage, we just had a stand-in in that position, and they were wearing a shield,” Hudecki joked during the filming. Coronavirus pandemic“I think you have to imagine how we filmed these, because they were basically naked and kissing each other, and these performers were surrounded by people wearing masks, shields, gloves, and robes. It was so fun to film. This series has a ridiculous element amplified by the pandemic.”

after that Jaw-dropping Sex life ending, We can’t wait to see Hudecki’s next “same sexy” project.

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