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Exclusive: Sheeraz follows Gurria Scalp and Dubai World Championship battle-News

Exclusive: Sheeraz follows Gurria Scalp and Dubai World Championship battle-News

As the most talented British Asian boxer since Amir Khan, Hamzahiraz hopes that his training in Dubai will help him in London when he enters the ring for the next match.

The 22-year-old boxer will face Spain’s Ezequiel Gurria at Wembley on July 24, hoping for his 13th career victory.

The victory will enable Shiraz to defend his European WBO super welterweight title, which will also bring him closer to the world title.

The Slough-born boxer spent a few weeks in Dubai earlier this year, training in the gym here before flying to Los Angeles for final preparations.

“Of course, Dubai helped me prepare for the battle. In terms of food, facilities, training, the gym I used in Dubai, everything was fine and it gave me ideal preparation,” Shiraz said Khaliji Times.

Shiraz’s father is Pakistani and his mother is Indian. Shiraz also hopes to draw strength from Dubai’s powerful South Asian community and bring his world championship battle to this country.

“Yes, I want to fight for my world championship in Dubai,” he said.

“Actually, I gave myself a year and a half to compete for the world championship. My dream is to achieve it in Dubai. I have a good support base there, and my sponsors have been supporting me in Dubai. I am very grateful. All of them.”

Sayyed Hussain is a British-Pakistani expatriate in Dubai who works in financial markets at DIFC. He is one of Sheeraz’s sponsors. His dream is to see his compatriots become world champions in Dubai.

“My main interest is boxing. I want to bring boxing to Dubai and help young people like Hamzah Sheeraz come here to promote Dubai and its excellent sports facilities,” Hussein told Khalij Times.

“A lot of people think that Dubai is a luxurious place, and it is true, but we also want to emphasize that it also has world-class facilities here, comparable to Europe and the UK (in terms of sports).”

Hussein then revealed what made him invest in Shiraz, who blocked Argentine opponent Guido Nicolas Pito in the 10th round of the last match in November last year.

“He is a very young, ambitious and hungry person. There is no better place to show his skills than Dubai,” he said.

“Dubai is such an international place. He has Pakistani and Indian ancestry. I do believe that Hamzah can be the future face of boxing, and we hope that Dubai will be part of it, to develop the sport together and open the door and support others Come to Dubai.

“This is an exciting time and I am very happy to be one of his main supporters and help him grow into the star he is destined to be. Dubai will play a key role in this ambition.”


Ritulaj Borkacotti

As a big fan of the Argentine national football team, Rituraj usually writes articles about sports. But he cherishes the time spent in interviews with his favorite musicians from the Indian state of Assam. He likes to bring interesting human stories to the readers of Khaleej Times.

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