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Explore these Emirati gems before summer closes

DUBAI: With less than a month to go, winter will officially transition to summer and the UAE’s seasonal attractions will be closed for several months. Here are the top outdoor destinations you should cross off your list before the season closes.

Global Village Season 27, while it feels like it was just announced, will actually start in October 2022. The multicultural family hotspot, which brings together 90 cultures, will close its doors in about two months. It’s only open for an average of six months.

So it will close around April 29th, 2023, but you need to pay attention to the official announcement. If you haven’t been there, expect a wholesome family destination with lots of fun, food stalls and kiosks as well as culture, shopping and entertainment.

miracle garden

miracle garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Over the summer, Dubai’s most blooming destinations shut their doors. There are two reasons for this cycle every year: one is the hot summer weather; the other is to prepare for the next season. In November 2021, it celebrates its 10th year and welcomes guests to the brand new Smurfs Village.

This year, it added a brand new installation to Smurf Village, along with a floral tunnel, light displays and other new additions. Again, no end date set, but we were able to buy tickets for the last day, May 31st, when trying to buy. Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in this desert wonder of millions of flowers.

Dubai Garden Lights

Dubai Garden Lights

Dubai Garden Lights
Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

This outdoor park is popular with kids for its neon lights and themed areas like Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, Magic Park and Art Park. The attraction usually closes around May, before summer.

Dubai Safari

While it has yet to be officially confirmed, the safari park is only open until the end of May – around the time it has been closed for the season in past years. Home to more than 3,000 animals, the venue offers a variety of activities for visitors, including an Arabian desert safari, a children’s farm experience, live shows, guided bus tours and train rides.

Hadawadi Junction

Hadawadi Hub Activities

Hadawadi Junction
Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

This Dubai destination is expected to close on May 15th for all the adrenaline rush and fun outdoor activities you can do such as mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, ropes courses, zorb ball, Hatta drop-in and more.


drink oasis

Camping and Liwa Oasis
Image Credit: Supplied

While you can still technically go camping anytime, the stunning winter weather is the main reason residents and visitors choose this activity. Follow the camping rules, prepare ahead of time, and venture out with your friends and family to various camping destinations across the country.

BBQ night

Make the most of your grilling equipment before the temperature rises, we have all the places to spend quality time outdoors with the family.


Wadi Shuka

Vady Shoka
Image Credit: GN Archives

Most hikers insist on planning hikes in the winter, and this is just a gentle reminder to lace up your shoes if you haven’t already. We have the ultimate guide to all the cycling, hiking and jogging routes in Dubai that you can use to plan.

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