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First Covid-19 case reported in Tokyo Olympic Village

First Covid-19 case reported in Tokyo Olympic Village

Meet the U.S. Olympic surfers participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Rear Olympic Athletes postponed the 2020 gold medal race coronavirus The pandemic, the disease once again affected their plans.

President of the Tokyo Olympics Hashimoto Sperm According to reports, a new case of COVID-19 was reported to the media, which infected an unidentified person who “participated in organizing the game”. NBC News.

“I know there are still many worrying factors,” Hashimoto told NBC News. “Organizers must work hard to ensure that people understand that these games are safe and reliable.”

As Hashimoto assured the media, “We are sparing no effort.”

Despite Hashimoto’s message, 44 people have already tested positive. Official list It is kept by the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, the recent spectator ban for this sporting event occurred in “State of emergency“In Tokyo, NBC News also reported. Although the city is facing a surge in coronavirus cases, the Olympics will still be held.

Hashimoto commented on the lack of audience participation in the event, saying: “It is regrettable that in the face of the spread of coronavirus infection, we are hosting the Olympic Games in a very limited form.”

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