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Focus on energy transition opportunities in the UAE

Ansaldo Green Tech is developing technologies to accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy

A Conversation with Ansaldo Green Tech CEO Daniela Gentile

How does Ansaldo position itself to contribute to the UAE’s energy transition?

Ansaldo Energia has worked in the UAE for 28 years and has a growing presence in the region.

Its first project in the UAE was Mirfa in 1995, from where the company’s activities in the country developed. In 2010, Ansaldo built a factory in Abu Dhabi to localize more of its supply chain; in 2017, it established a Middle East service center to provide fast service to customers in the region; 24/7 remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics.

In nearly 30 years of local operation, Ansaldo Energia has installed around 3.5GW and served over 4GW of electricity. The success story can be replicated through the subsidiary Ansaldo Green Tech, launched in June 2021, dedicated to developing products to accelerate the energy transition, with a focus on optimized electricity storage and green hydrogen.

What energy storage technologies is Ansaldo Green Tech developing?

The UAE has an ambitious energy policy that aims to have 14GW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2030, of which around 8GW will come from photovoltaic (PV) plants. However, photovoltaic power plants are intermittent energy sources, so energy storage systems are required.

Ansaldo Green Tech has identified two energy storage technologies that are well suited to accumulating large amounts of energy.

The first technology works by compressing carbon dioxide from a closed “dome” system into tanks, where the pressure can be released again to provide energy again. Ansaldo Green Tech is exploring technology licensed from an Italian company called Energy Dome.

The second technology is the vanadium redox flow battery, a modular chemical battery with a starting capacity of 20 MWh. The technology is owned by Largo Clean Energy, with which Ansaldo Green Tech has signed a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture to produce flow batteries.

Both technologies present opportunities to collaborate in the context of UAE energy policy.

Ansaldo Green Tech has identified two energy storage technologies well suited to accumulating large amounts of energy

Daniela Gentile, Ansaldo Green Tech

What is Ansaldo Green Tech’s green hydrogen technology in the UAE?

The UAE is making significant investments in the production of low-carbon fuels and green hydrogen, aiming to capture 25% of the world’s green hydrogen market by 2030.

The characteristics of the Gulf region make it ideally suited for the production of green hydrogen and for future cooperation in this energy market sector.

Ansaldo Green Tech is developing two electrolyser production technologies: one suitable for decarbonizing hard-to-abate industrial processes combined with nuclear power plants and the other for hydrogen production from intermittent renewable energy sources

In the coming months, Ansaldo Energia’s plant in Genoa, Italy, will begin production of the first electrolyzers.

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