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Froilán gets ‘unified caregiver’ so he won’t spend Thousand and One Nights in Abu Dhabi

Although moving Floyland A trip to Abu Dhabi was seen as punishment for his endless orgy of controversy, and the truth is Princess Elena yes Jaime de Marichalal If you want, you can live the high life in the same city your grandfather lived in Don Juan Carlos Since 2020.

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It turns out that it was the honorary king who managed to “place” his grandson in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the United Arab Emirates’ flagship oil companies.

There, he will be paid between 6,000 and 10,000 euros per month, which he can use to do as he pleases, as he also saves on rent. The company itself provided him with a room with a sea view.

only brother victoria federica It’s about being good, especially at night. Fortunately, for this he has the help of a trustworthy man who makes sure that Froilán doesn’t spend the Thousand and One Nights in Abu Dhabi as we speak.We’re talking about Nicolas MugasA former air force colonel close to Don Juan Carlos, who tended to the young man’s party urges and fourth in line to the Spanish throne, As we calculated on February 18th.

“This is not the first time poor Murga has been nanny to Infanta’s eldest son. He has known him for a few years. Murga has given him good advice and acted as a bridge between the young man and his grandfather. He is also in charge of Arranging trips and other things for the boy, and taking care that he doesn’t get lost in the night, we already know that’s the favorite thing for the eldest grandson of the retired king,” the Duchess of Lugo told Spanish.

as we posted, Nicolás Murga Mendoza started working for the Monarch in 2007 and before that he was a blue helmet of ONUCA. He also served as director of the Air Force Communications Office and Air Attaché at the Spanish embassy in Rabat, Morocco. Murga Mendoza was born into an aristocratic family in Extremadura and rose to prominence in 2019 when the Spanish prosecutor’s office was investigating his role as King Juan Carlos ( Juan Carlos’ titular leader. Now, he also has the important role of convincing Froilán to forget about Madrid’s nightlife.

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