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Gen Z is no longer interested in traditional education; what this means for their future


United Arab Emirates – The digital age has had a major impact on the way the current generation thinks, with Gen Z witnessing the emergence of digital entrepreneurship, self-made influencers and the gig economy.

Research by Global WebIndex shows that with more than half the world now using social media, Gen Z views on academic pursuits are changing, even at the school level.

Many in this generation see traditional education as having limited value in their aspirations to become successful social media influencers.

Divya Salian Amin, clinical psychologist at Modern Family Clinic, said: “In the current situation, social media and gadget use are attracting children and their attention is diverted from academics. Media or Youtube-related things”. Students feel strongly that they want to do something technology-related, so academics are not important to them. There’s no interest in that direction.”

She added: “Despite the urging from parents and teachers, this generation of kids is very specific and decisive about what they want to do, and different social media platforms [attracting] There are many of them. These days, kids see that it takes a lot of money to be a Youtuber or an influencer. So they want to do something about these and feel that academics are not helping them so why waste your energy on it. There are many students who have this kind of thinking. “

But experts agree that it is not new for young people to make different career choices than their parents.

Emma Shanahan, headteacher at Aspen Heights UK School, said: “This is a natural generational shift that is central to innovation, change and human development. Young people are influenced by their role models and with increased use of social media their influence is now “It goes beyond home and school. The horizons of our students are vast and limitless – it’s a fantastic opportunity. I think young people don’t choose to be influential because they find it profitable, but they have influence over these Excited and inspired by the innovation and creativity demonstrated by talented people.”

“Collaboration, digital literacy and inquiry skills are all interwoven in the school curriculum (today) to give students the best chance for their future,” she added.

Experts reiterate that Gen Z are already immersed in a hyper-connected digital world. Not only are they familiar with it, but they use it as a medium to connect, express themselves, and engage with different people, embracing their differences.

Girish Hemnani, a Dubai-based life coach and energy healer, says: “In the past, especially with Generation X and earlier, money was often viewed as a symbol of power and success. The accumulation of wealth was associated with social status and the ability to exert influence and control Financial security is a top concern for millennials who have grown up during times of economic uncertainty. They tend to prioritize stability, job security and saving for the future, seeking financial well-being and protection.”

Mentors say many members of Gen Z see money as a means to gain personal freedom and pursue their passions. They prioritize flexibility, independence, and the ability to chart their own career paths.

“Now, as Generation Z matures, we find ourselves in an era where individualism and self-expression are highly valued. This generation has seen the rise of digital entrepreneurship, self-made influencers and the gig economy,” Hemnani added.

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