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Glad to have you: UAE welcomes American Jewish Advocacy Organization

Glad to have you: UAE welcomes American Jewish Advocacy Organization

This American Jewish Committee (AJC) The advocacy organization stated that it has United Arab EmiratesThis is its first in the Arab region. This move was welcomed by the foreign ministers of the Gulf countries to promote dialogue.

The UAE and Bahrain established a relationship with Israel last year in a deal mediated by the United States, known as Abraham chords, Becoming the first Arab country to break the long-term taboo in the region in 25 years.

“We are very happy to have you,” Sheikh Abdullah | Bin Zayed al-Nahyan said at the organization’s virtual annual global forum on Monday. “Your presence in the UAE is… part of changing your mindset.”

Sheikh Abdullah and his Bahraini counterpart Abdulatif Zayani Reiterate that the agreement signed by Sudan and Morocco aims to help achieve lasting peace and prosperity through cooperation in the fields of technology and health.

The UAE Minister said: “We must tolerate… to thrive in a challenging community.”

He said that global “efforts to challenge extremism and radical ideas are not appropriate”.

The untrustworthy UAE Islamic groups, Political parties are not allowed and the tolerance for dissent is very low. The local media is strictly controlled.

This regional trade and tourism center has been advancing plans to establish further relations with Israel, although it has not been so much fanfare after last month’s hostilities between Israel and Hamas and the Arab countries’ description of it as Israel’s provocation in Jerusalem.

Sheikh Abdullah said that finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires both parties to conduct “strategic” thinking.

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