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Great possibility for India-Israel-UAE trilateral in West Asia: Special Envoy of Israel


New Delhi: India, Israel and the UAE are highly likely to be formed Trilateral Group In the context of West Asia Peace agreement The Israeli ambassador to India Ron Malka said that Israel and the UAE have established comprehensive diplomatic relations.

“If India looks at the West from a geopolitical perspective, the trilateral relationship between India, Israel and the UAE is possible. India’s extensive relations with Israel and the UAE are a factor that affects this trilateral. This is not just a guess. It’s very likely,” Marka told ET in an interaction, in the UAE and Bahrain A historic peace agreement with Israel may change the political landscape in West Asia. The trained economist suggested that the future trilateral will bring the best practices of the three countries to create a new era of technology and business solutions. “India has its advantages and offers huge opportunities. The UAE can bring in investment, and Israel can bring in innovation and technology,” he said.

When asked about the role that India can play in bringing closer relations between Israel and other countries in the Arab world, Marka believes that other Arab countries may be encouraged by the deep development of relations between Israel and India, given Delhi’s goodwill towards both sides. . For more than 30 years, and hope to establish diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv to achieve a win-win situation.

“India and Israel have made great strides since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992. The achievements of the past 28 years are extraordinary. The relationship between India and Israel and Palestine has been cancelled-India has a close relationship with Tel Aviv while maintaining a close relationship with the Palestinian Authority. With traditional connections,” Marka pointed out. When talking about the UAE-Israel peace agreement, the Israeli envoy pointed out that this milestone will not be achieved overnight, and negotiations have been going on for many years.

“We hope that some other Arab countries from West Asia and Africa can follow in the footsteps of the UAE and Bahrain in the next few months to normalize relations with Israel.” He also mentioned the recent gains in health and renewable energy in India-Israel relations. Achievement. “The rapid Covid-19 test technology jointly developed by India and Israel should be ready in the near future. It only takes one person to blow into the tube and it can give test results in less than a minute,” he said .

He added that the two countries also plan to jointly develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, and India can become a manufacturing center for the joint development of vaccines. The envoy said that in the field of renewable energy, Israel and India plan to jointly develop the solar energy industry. “Both India and Israel have plenty of sunlight. Israel has produced some top solar industries, and they are ready to cooperate with India.”


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