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Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski caught making out in Tokyo

does anyone have harry styles and Emily Ratajkowski on their 2023 bingo card ?These two stars were found in multiple videos Online flirtations are circulating on a street in Tokyo, Japan, where Styles is currently on tour.

Styles, 29, was spotted wearing a black jacket and pants, while Ratajkowski, 31, wore a pink puffer jacket and dress. In another video, the two are seen dancing together in the street with music playing in the background.

ET has reached out to representatives for Styles and Ratajkowski for comment.

style very different from actress and director olivia wilde In November 2022, after almost two years of dating.

Ratajkowski filed for divorce from estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September 2022. They have a 1-year-old son, Sylvester. Since then, she has been romantically involved with Brad Pitt, DJ Orazio Rispo, Pete Davidson and Eric Andre.

“I do think that whenever they see me with someone, people go, ‘Oh, they’re in a relationship,’ like, ‘What if I just spend time with someone??’ I’m not dating for a relationship,” Ratajkowski said on his podcast in January High front and low back“If I meet someone who feels like they’re helpful in my life and I want to spend time with them, I’m definitely open to it, but in general, I just want to enjoy myself and the experience.”

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