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Here’s What Happened During the Last Hollywood Writers Strike


2007 WGAE and WGAW Members Strike

2007 WGAE and WGAW Members Strike

As the Writers Guild of America prepares re-enter negotiations Along with the Film and TV Producers Union, many across the industry are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

Every los angeles times, studios, networks and TV producers are preparing for a possible strike by accelerating production schedules, stockpiling scripts and relying on international productions. The show’s filming schedule has been advanced, and the writers’ room has opened up early to secure scripts for the next season.Some networks update series earlier than usual to be successful in production, such as NBC’s quantum leap.

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Considering the worst-case scenario, it’s kind of crazy to procure content ahead of the negotiations that started on March 20th before the contract expires on May 1st.Writers aren’t the only ones whose contracts to work in Hollywood are about to expire this year; the unions that oversee actors and directors are also set to enter new talks ahead of a June 1 deadline, which is expected to be “Difficult” and “complex” process.

If 10,000 unionized writers do go on strike as part of the negotiation process, scripted TV production, from sitcoms to late-night shows, would effectively cease. When it comes to movies, feature films already take longer to make, which gives them more leeway than scripted TV.

In many ways, the previous strikes, and the shutdowns due to COVID-19, provided studios with a roadmap for dealing with the shutdowns. Still, a prolonged strike would eventually push back the premiere schedule and, depending on the director’s and cast’s schedules, lead to a complete breakdown of the production. As an alternative, reality TV projects offer studios a way to fill the gaps that have been left behind in production.

As always, strikes are not an unavoidable part of labor contract negotiations, and often depend on a company’s willingness to guarantee its workers a living wage, reasonable benefits, and treating them as people with needs and rights.The streaming age has revolutionized the industry over the past decade, authors say hope to reassess How will they be compensated as residues continue to be consumed. To prepare for our potential future, let’s go back 15 years to the last time writers walked out of the room.

The last writers strike took place on 100 days in 2007-08From November 5th to February 12. Strikes lead to complete suspension of programs such as saturday night liveno new episodes during the strike, fired many employees In progress.late night tv host is put on the front line to strike and push hard decisions about the well-being of its non-union employees, most of whom returned to the show without writers after a long hiatus.As the strike progressed, Jay LenoConan O’Brienand david letterman Faced with layoffs, all companies are paying out-of-pocket workers who are not on strike.

Several scripted shows, such as Bryan Fuller’s push daisy, Knocked out to the knee by a strike.fuller whimsical procedural show starring Lee Pace A full season order came in just days before the strike. With only 9 of the 22 allotted episodes airing through Nov. 5, Fuller had to cut the season short and cut episode 9 into a too-quick finale. When the strike ended in the spring, the show failed to return with the same momentum and was subsequently canceled by ABC.Of course we understand and support the writers strike, but we know we missed (at least) 13 episodes push daisy It still hurts.

push daisy Far from the only show that was popular when it aired a shortened season, such as lost, friday night lightsgossip girl, hero, breaking bad, and 30 rock also struggled with a shortened season, leading to several incoherent storylines and a rushed ending. Some shows, however, end up being rescued by themselves, breaking Bad The death of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) was avoided due to the shortened first season.

While the shutdown in late March would have left many awards shows empty this year, the 2007 strike disrupted the awards cycle and many organizations were forced to cancel events. Awards shows such as the SAG Awards and Film Independent Spirit Awards were exempted from hiring screenwriters by the WGA because of their previous support for the union’s efforts. However, after the exemption failed, the Golden Globes ceremony was canceled and reduced to a press conference. The Oscars were lucky because the strike ended 12 days before it aired.

As mentioned earlier, reality TV provide crutches For studios still looking to make series, 2008 saw ratings rise Many reality TV shows, including Donald Trump’s celebrity apprentice. Other programs such as The Racer, American Idol, and the first season keep up with the kardashians Greatly benefit from the lack of scripting programs for the competition.

Finally, after months of downtime, some writers are starting to create other forms of content outside of the studio. 30 rock The cast performed live on the picket line, Joss Whedon self-financed the Internet production, Dr. Horrible’s Choral Blog, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Simon Helberg. We know a few things to be true about the possibility of a writers strike in 2023: Writers are insanely creative and scrappy, hard bargains, and vital to the shows we know and love.

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