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How the functional gaming industry can benefit Dubai’s economy


How the functional gaming industry can benefit Dubai’s economy

Dubai’s economy is one of the most prosperous economies in the Middle East, not only relying on a primary industry to survive. The global trade of oil and other commodities accounts for a large part of its annual GDP, and the income of tourism has greatly increased this, of which business travel is an important factor. The city has a reputation for luxury and affordable affluence. With designer shops and trendy restaurants and bars everywhere, the streets are always ups and downs no matter the time of the day.

However, in other commercial centers like Las Vegas and Hong Kong, one thing you won’t find in Dubai is casinos. For religious reasons, gambling is strictly prohibited in the UAE. Although illegal gambling dens can be found outside the city, anyone who breaks the law will be severely punished. There are no online casinos in the country, but international operators may allow Dubai residents to become members at their discretion. However, the penalty for being caught gambling still applies.

Legal exception

The gambling industry may add to the existing tourism industry in Dubai and provide another financial line for the economic downturn, leading some people to believe that casino operations should be allowed exceptionally. Legal gambling businesses can also be taxed, thereby returning more profits to government accounts.

Fun, gambling, and drinking are also against religious creeds. However, in certain locations and circumstances, the Dubai government allows the sale and consumption of alcohol. Non-Muslim residents can obtain a permit to drink at home, and tourists can also obtain temporary permits to drink in places such as hotels and bars.

Recognizing that visitors to Dubai come from a variety of different cultures, it helps to promote this change in the law. By providing alcohol to those who are able and wishing to drink, but not to those who cannot, the authorities reached a useful compromise, and the revenue of the hotel and tourism industry increased significantly. The same applies to gambling.

Other examples

Buildings and swimming pools
Image source: Pexels

The Monte Carlo Casino is a huge tourist attraction.

Dubai will not be the first place to do this.Monaco is another only allowed Tourist gambling, Although not for religious reasons this time. In order to save the ruling family from bankruptcy in the mid-nineteenth century, a plan was drafted to open a casino and introduce legal gambling to the region. It worked, and tourists from all over Europe came to visit the magnificent Monte Carlo Casino. But Princess Caroline didn’t want to see the locals losing their little money in order to fill her treasury, so she passed a law that made it illegal for residents to play there.

Today, Monaco has four casinos and its reputation for high-end tourism can even rival that of Dubai. Local Monegasques are still prohibited from entering the casino unless it is for work, although if they choose to do so, they are free to play in international online casinos. This is a system that has been in operation for more than 150 years and continues to operate. Tourism based on gambling has brought a lot of wealth to Monaco, so there is no reason to think that it will not bring the same benefits to Dubai.

Travel around the world

In terms of employment and profitability, the gambling industry is one of the largest industries in the world. One country that has embraced it wholeheartedly is the United Kingdom, where online and land-based casinos are booming. The total gaming revenue in 2020 is 14.2 billion pounds, Of which £5.7 billion comes from remote areas, including online casinos, bingo games and sports betting games.

To operate in the UK, a gambling company must obtain a license. Part of the condition for obtaining a license is agreeing to pay a 20% tax on profits. The money will then be returned to the government to fund public services such as education and the maintenance of parks and roads. Casinos must also take action to help customers gamble safely and responsibly, including providing a suspension feature that allows them to exclude themselves from the site. This helps players control their habits.

Because of these strict inspections, only the best quality and regulated online casinos can operate in the UK.If you want to experience such an operator for yourself, then we suggest you go Play 888 casino games And have a chance to win some good prizes.

Benefits for players

Dubai Marina
Image source: Pexels

Online and mobile games are currently illegal in Dubai.

If Dubai issues casino licenses to land-based or online operators, its citizens will also reap huge benefits. For now, the only option for anyone who wants to play casino games or conduct sports betting is illegal. Nothing can stop operators from exploiting customers or using force to collect debts. Illegal gambling can be very dangerous, but if they have no choice, many people may feel compelled to participate.

Dubai’s large casinos will concentrate their gambling operations and provide people with real options. If gambling is limited to tourists, it is still beneficial because it will create a large number of jobs during its construction and subsequent operations. Millions of tourists are attracted by Dubai’s first-class facilities every year. If the attractiveness of the Monaco casino can be proved, a new casino in Dubai will greatly increase this attraction.

in conclusion

Dubai does not allow gambling in the city for good religious reasons, but this has not stopped the emergence of illegal products. In some cases, continuing to ignore this issue may cause more harm than legalizing gambling. The major driving force that international large-scale casinos will bring to the tourism industry cannot be ignored.


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