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IDEX 2023: Nexter extends UAE partnership to tank fleet upgrades

IDEX 2023: Nexter extends UAE partnership to tank fleet upgrades

Nexter has signed a partnership agreement with the International Golden Group in preparation for the modernization of the UAE Army’s Leclerc main battle tank (MBT).

The International Golden Group (IGG) and Nexter have a long-standing relationship dating back to 2006.

According to Nexter, the latest partnership is to modernize the MBT fleet, which will “ensure the operational superiority of the UAE Armed Forces for the next 30 years”.

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according to Shepherd Defense Insights, the UAE took delivery of 436 Leclercs between 1994 and 2010. The 2022 report estimates that around 350 Leclercs are still in service with the UAE military.

While no details were given of the UAE’s upgrade plans, France is upgrading its own fleet of 322 Leclercs to the XLR standard.

This involved the installation of the Etos Scorpion information and communication system, Thales Contact digital radio, FN Herstal T2B RWS with 7.62mm machine gun, new side armor protection, IED jammer, an upgrade compatible with the developed SHARD 120mm APFSDS projectile The fire control system passes the line of sight of Nexter and the new commander.

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