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India-UAE flights: three months since the first suspension of travel-News

Many people are separated from their families, and some have to endure pay cuts. Others may no longer have jobs to return.

The entry of passengers from India to the UAE has been suspended for three months-many stranded residents are still waiting, hoping that they can return to work as soon as possible.

The UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) and the General Civil Aviation Administration (GCAA) announced on April 24 for the first time that inbound travel from India was suspended for 10 days. On May 5, the authorities announced an extension, allowing hundreds of thousands of Indians to stay in their home country.

Many people are separated from their families, and some have to endure pay cuts. Others may no longer have jobs to return.

Most people go to visit their relatives, some of them fly because of an emergency. As flights are still suspended until further notice, the Indian expatriates have exhausted all means to try to return to the UAE. Some returned by chartered flights, while others explored alternative routes and stayed in other countries for at least 14 days so that they could fly back to the UAE.The others have no choice because they are writing to Khaleej Times.

On April 21, Amitabha had to rush to Kolkata in the eastern city of West Bengal to visit his sick mother.

As the last flight took off from Kolkata at 11:59 PM on April 23, Amitava was unsuccessful. After receiving the necessary RT-PCR tests, he and his wife set off from New Delhi on June 18th via Tashkent. However, as Uzbekistan announced the implementation of new Delta Air Lines travel restrictions, flights were cancelled from June 17.

George went to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala on April 11 for a one-month holiday. Now, like many others, he is trying to make ends meet.

“As we all know, if we don’t work, we won’t get paid. However, even if we are stuck here, we have to pay for apartment rent, electricity, water, gas, internet and phone bills,” George wrote.

Siddharth has lived in the UAE for 11 years and he traveled to India to attend his sister’s wedding in April. His wife and son traveled to her home for a while before him.

“We are trapped in India, and our work and life are at stake,” Siddhartha wrote.

Harsh, who works in the hotel industry, went to Mumbai for vacation on February 25, and then extended it for another month. Although he managed to keep his job, he had to accept some pay cuts.

Others have to deal with visa issues. Physiotherapist Gerrard traveled to India on April 12 due to a family emergency and booked a return ticket on April 25.

“This is a sudden and unplanned trip, but I have commitments and responsibilities in the UAE. I have received two doses of the vaccine, but I am panic now because I have to return before my visa expires,” he said.

Vaibhav, who has worked in the UAE for 15 years, wrote in June that his visa will expire on June 29. He had traveled to India for a two-month holiday.

All these Indian residents are afraid of losing their jobs because they have been away for so long-but most people choose to remain optimistic and pray that flights will resume soon.


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