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Italian medical device exports to UAE to grow 63% in 2022

Italian medical device exports to UAE to grow 63% in 2022

Italian exports of medical devices and pharmaceutical products to the UAE rose by 63% to 76 million euros ($82.71 million) between January and September 2022.

As one of the European leaders in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, Italy is one of the UAE’s most popular trading partners.

Meanwhile, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the government agency that promotes Made in Italy worldwide according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supports 160 Italian companies to participate in Arab Health 2023 (January 30-February 2), at Dubai World Trade Center).


Spread over 4 different halls: Za’abeel H1 (Medical Laboratory Industry), Za’abeel 2-3 (Medical Equipment and Equipment), Sheikh Saeed 1-2 (Imaging and Diagnostics) and Sheikh Rashid (Orthopedics and Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation), the Italian Pavilion gave an overview of Italian manufacturing capabilities in the healthcare sector.

The 4,546 companies in the Italian medical device industry have an annual turnover of 16.2 billion euros. It is a very diverse, highly innovative and specialized economic sector, where small companies coexist with large groups. The sector is also affected by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in a high number of SMEs (about 94% of the total) and a high R&D investment of €683 million (2021), according to a press release.

Italy is the country with the most scientific publications in pharmacology in Europe. Italy invested €1.7 billion in pharmaceutical R&D (14% more than in 2016, accounting for 6% of the country’s total investment), and Italy has a strong reputation in this field and is considered one of the world’s leading countries. 34.4 billion euros is the output value of the Italian pharmaceutical industry (2021), of which 85% is exported. Comprised of 285 companies and employing 67,000 people, the pharmaceutical industry has the highest number of SMEs and the highest share (approx. 90%) of innovative companies in Europe compared to other healthcare industries. The Italian pharmaceutical industry is particularly strong in biotech drugs and vaccines, and Italy is an international center for research and development and production. Italy is also Europe’s leader in contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), also known as customer manufacturing third parties, which determine production volumes of EUR 2.7 billion, or 23% of the European total.

biotechnology field

In addition, Italy is also very strong in the field of biotechnology, one of the most innovative and fastest growing fields. The sector has 800 companies, 13,000 employees and a turnover of over EUR 10 billion, 82% of which are small and micro businesses. Nearly 50% of companies operate in the field of biotechnology for health applications, the most profitable segment of the overall market with a turnover of 7.5 billion euros in 2021.

Lorenzo Fanara, Italian Ambassador to the UAE, said: “We believe in the vision of the country and we want to strengthen our business ties, not only to expand our market share, but also to make long-term investments and develop industrial cooperation Partnerships. Arab Health is an incredible platform for Italian companies operating in the healthcare sector to learn how to enter the Middle East market, create new partnerships and expand existing ones.”

Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE, said: “Italy is a world leader in pharmaceutical and biomedical products and is considered a European hub for R&D, product development and technology. Thanks to this reputation, Italy is the ninth largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in the world , more than 85% of the production is allocated to foreign markets, the UAE is one of our best It has reached 76 million euros.”

Sustainability is Sustainable – Italy

Under the motto of sustainable development, circular economy and sustainability will be Italy’s protagonists at the Arab Health Congress 2023

• In 10 years, the Italian pharmaceutical industry reduced energy consumption by 44%

• 88% of operating companies expect to reduce waste generation in the next three to five years

• 55% have committed to reducing or eliminating the use of plastic at every stage of the production process

• Since 1980, Italian companies have established a centralized system to guarantee the correct disposal of expired medicines

Italy is a European leader in the efficient use of resources and the rational use of natural resources in manufacturing, green procurement and sustainable waste management programmes, and the Italian Trade Agency looks forward to more interesting and constructive bilateral business opportunities between Italy and the UAE for peers Learn how to tackle the ecological transition and make healthcare a more sustainable industry.

Italian exhibitors at Arab Health 2023 are grouped and coordinated by Intrade, the exclusive Italian representative of Arab Health for the Informa Market show. — trade arab news agency

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