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National & World News – Overview – Friday 23 June 2023


Deep in the Atlantic, a ‘catastrophic implosion’ kills five

A massive multinational search for five people ended Thursday after fragments of a private diving boat carrying five people were found on the sea floor, evidence of a “catastrophic implosion” that left no survivors. According to the U.S. Coast Guard. The dramatic search for the 22-foot vessel lost contact with its mother ship on Sunday after less than two hours sailing, captivating people around the world for days. The grim discovery has also drawn attention to high-risk, high-cost adventure travel, raising questions about the safety protocols followed by companies that conduct such expeditions.

Biden seeks to strengthen ties with Modi while moderating differences

U.S. President Joe Biden highlighted commonalities with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his grand state visit on Thursday, publicly sidestepping points of friction between the government’s crackdown on human rights in India and Russia’s war in Ukraine, hoping to strengthen Economic and geopolitical ties to countries around the world. most populous country. Biden has lavished Modi on the red carpet and flattered him, trying to draw India closer at a time when the U.S. finds itself in open conflict with Moscow and an uneasy standoff with China.

Trump’s trial setup could provide conservative jury pool

When Judge Aileen Cannon took over control of the case sparked by former President Donald Trump’s accusation of putting national security secrets at risk, she laid the groundwork for the trial, jurors The regiment is largely made up of counties that Trump easily won in his campaign. two previous events. She said the trial will take place in her usual federal courthouse in Fort Pierce, on the northern tip of the Southern District of Florida. The district offering potential jurors for the court is made up of one swing county and four other counties with ruby-colored political leanings.

Sales of e-cigarettes rose sharply last year and then gradually decreased

E-cigarette sales rose nearly 47% from January 2020, before the pandemic hit the U.S., to December 2022, according to an analysis released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sales were still growing in May last year, but fell 12% through December. The researchers attribute this decline to several possible factors, including state or local bans on flavored products; government enforcement; and the introduction of devices that can deliver thousands of “puffs” in a single device. Overall, four-week sales of e-cigarettes climbed from 15.5 million at the start of 2020 to 25.9 million at the end of last year.

Tornado kills at least 4 in Texas Panhandle town

A day of sweltering heat and storms battered much of Texas and parts of Oklahoma as a powerful tornado ripped through Matador on Wednesday, killing four and injuring nine. Officials said Thursday morning that the death toll was not expected to rise. But the extent of the loss remains in focus as it becomes clear how many neighbors have lost their homes. Many of those affected live with family members in nearby towns. The tragedy came just a week after a series of violent storms swept across the south, sparking a tornado that killed five people.

Missile hits Russian-held bridge far behind Ukrainian frontline

Local officials backed by the Kremlin said a Russian-controlled bridge behind the front lines that helps Moscow resupply troops in Ukraine was hit by missiles on Thursday. The bridge linking the occupied Crimea peninsula to the rest of Ukraine was hit by multiple missiles in an overnight attack that some officials blamed on Kiev. While Ukrainian forces have intensified their strikes on the peninsula, which Moscow seized long before launching a full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian government has generally declined to formally confirm the operations, again on Thursday. Consisting of two spans, the bridge spans the Junhar Strait and connects the Crimea and Kherson regions.

Russian court rejects US journalist’s request for release ahead of trial

A Moscow court on Thursday rejected an appeal by Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich to end his pretrial detention in Russia 12 weeks after he was imprisoned and charged with espionage. Gershkovich, an American journalist who worked in Russia for nearly six years, was arrested in late March and charged with espionage, a charge he denies. Last month, his detention was extended until August 30. Although Russian prosecutors have provided no evidence, he has spent 12 weeks in Moscow’s high-security Lefortovo prison, run by the KGB successor and known for harsh conditions, including extreme isolation.

In Türkiye, Erdogan signals shift to traditional economy

Turkey’s central bank hiked interest rates sharply on Thursday, the clearest sign yet that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is shifting the country toward more orthodox economic policies in hopes of easing a painful living-cost crisis. Interest rates surged to 15 percent from 8.5 percent, less than a month after Turkey’s two-decade ruling politician Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a third presidential term, and despite a challenge from a newly united opposition, high inflation left many Turks feeling overwhelmed. poorer and the catastrophic earthquake in February that killed more than 50,000 people.

Climate change front-line nations seek new lifeline in Paris

Along with hundreds of world leaders, bankers and climate activists, an unusual but cautious optimism descended on Paris. They came for a two-day conference known as the New Bretton Woods. This refers to a meeting in New Hampshire in 1944, when diplomats hammered out the monetary institutions that would rebuild the country after World War II — the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Now, our goal is to rebuild these systems in response to a looming crisis: the danger that poverty and climate change are intertwined. Many believe that a new international monetary system may be emerging that offers not more debt but fiscal support to developing countries facing the climate crisis.

Mexico’s top court rejects president’s proposal to change election law

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Thursday struck down key parts of a sweeping election bill backed by the president that would weaken the agency that oversees voting in the country and help free the country from one-party rule. The Supreme Court ruling was a major blow to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who argued the plan would make elections more efficient, save millions of dollars and allow Mexicans living abroad vote online. Although López Obrador is barred from seeking re-election, the candidate picked by his party is likely to be the favorite.

Tropical storm hits Lesser Antilles

Tropical Storm Brett is expected to hit the Lesser Antilles Thursday night, bringing strong winds and up to 10 inches of rain to parts, the National Hurricane Center said. Brett formed on Monday, the second named storm of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, and by Thursday night, the center of the weather system was approaching the islands of St. Vincent and St. Lucia and moving east and central at 16 mph Caribbean Sea. The storm’s maximum sustained winds were near 65 mph with stronger gusts. Tropical storm-force winds extended out to 115 miles from the center of Brett.

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