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Originally published: November 24, 2022

Focus on Picnic Lightning

picnic lightning is a punk rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their music is also known as Southern Gothic Psycho. Penguin Rocks presents this interview with Picnic Lighting.

The band describe their music as a raw and contemplative desert Punk, summer heat sounds and dark clubs.The dark, post-everything wall of sound roars like a sandstorm, emitting a spiritual trampling that inhabits the A shadowy land of poignant questions and mysterious revelations.

They point to “Over My Head” as a good track to showcase the band’s sound.Dingreamy, huge post-rock soaked in vocal harmonies, lyrics trying to express their spiritual journey/things soul.

Who are the members of the band and what instruments do they play?

We had Thomas Ketchersid on vocals and guitar, Cole Watkins on vocals and guitar, John Lenox Cope on bass and vocals, Cameron “Rogers & Cammerstein” Navarro on bass drums and vocals.

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How long has the band been around? Is there a story behind the band’s name?

We started in 2013 but some boys have been playing music since the early days what. The name Picnic Lightning comes from a brief moment in the beginning novel, lolita; A brief description of the death of the protagonist’s mother.

Thomas, an avid reader and accomplished poet, suggested this to the group as an effective phrase to capture a strong, immediate event, forcing it into The attention of the audience, we feel that captures the tone of our music.

Tell me about your latest records. What song are you most proud of?

These songs were recorded by Taylor Tatsch at Audistyles Studio Texas Hill Country and his work really helped take these songs to a new level grade.We’re very proud of the singles we’ve released and his collaborations Helped us capture the tone and vibe we really wanted.our most Proud of “Pre-Pangea” and “Six Feet Under”.

How many albums, eps, or singles did the band release in total?how is the band change over time?

we start from gilded youth 2014 EP, 2016 self-titled LP, then these 2022 newest single.The first EP was more punk influenced than us Realized at the time.I don’t think we can even play some of these songs at the same time speed.Overall, we relaxed a bit and took the time to get the songs right instead of Move on to the next thought.Tonally still has the same crunchy guitar tone throughout, but we’ve started paying more attention to experimenting with new styles and school.

What is one of your favorite shows? What makes it memorable?

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Our best show was a second time at the Boiled Owl – a local dive with a small Makeshift stage in the corner.It was a sticky summer night with a rowdy wall against wall Crowd, great lineup and great friends.

Also once we told John we were going to wear formal clothes and he Looks like he’s part of the Party Down cast, we’re all normal clothing.The show itself was nothing special, but that event was beautiful memorable.

Where does the band perform regularly?if you want to go where Can?

We’re in Fort Worth, so we love the Tulip venue, which has a lot of touring bands. But in general, we’re not too picky. A place with great sound effects and fun crowns, we’re about to party. Some of the more vibrant locations like Red Rocks would be neat, and we’ve heard good things about the South American scene.

What’s the “next move” you want the band to take?

We really hope to use the momentum of these next singles to start touring, COVID allowed.Being able to go out and sing with fans, let Connecting across the country will be a solid next step for us.

Finally, if the band covers the song. Which artists do you cover?who will be An artist you haven’t covered yet but want to cover?

We covered Lorde’s, The Smiths, Radiohead and JJ Cale.we didn’t spend a lot of money Past time to focus on covers as we usually use them as a warm up Practice or writing, but we’ve noticed lately that covers can be good practice Try new styles.We do have a cover of “Killer Tofu” from The Beets, a cartoon from the 90’s Doug.

You can follow Picnic Lightning instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Band Campand youtube.

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