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OPEC+ dispute may be resolved “sooner or later”: analyst

OPEC+ dispute may be resolved “sooner or later”: analyst

OPEC conflict

Russia is According to reports, an attempt was made to negotiate a resolution.

Neil Beveridge, Bernstein’s senior oil analyst, said OPEC’s policy has always been focused on controlling supply to manage prices.

But the UAE believes that peak oil demand is “facing OPEC” and is considering chasing market share rather than high energy prices, he told “Capital docking” On Thursday, this is why it hopes to obtain a higher quota.

50 dollars of oil and 100 dollars of oil

The second scenario is that countries continue to produce oil based on previously agreed quotas. Oil prices will soar, It may be as high as 100 US dollars per barrel, As demand exceeds supply.

Schork said OPEC may not want to waver in either direction.

“They are in a very good position at this point,” he said. “Why engage in a potential price war?”

On the other hand, excessive oil prices are not ideal. “The higher we go, the more you will start to hear the political wind against them, especially in the United States,” he added.


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