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Scary Valentine’s Day market takes over America’s Wonderland

Scary Valentine’s Day market takes over America’s Wonderland

First Bite’s Love V-Day Horror Market Is Taking Over a Mall

Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) and Ross Marquand (Aaron)

Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) and Ross Marquand (Aaron)

Photo courtesy of AMC

First Love Valentine’s Day Horror Market Back at Wonderland of Americas Mall the following year, they hope to attract some walkers.The free-to-attend event will be held on two levels of the mall on Saturday 11 February 11am-6pm and Sunday 12 February 11am-5pm

The cast of AMC’s hit ‘The Walking Dead’ will appear in the horror market, including David Morrissey (The Governor), Ross Marquand (Aaron), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), Adrian Carley Turner (Duane), Eddie Miller (Teddy Bear Girl) and Travis Love (Shumpert).signature ticket available online.

There will also be more than 100 vendors, artists and collectibles dealers, as well as special events. On Saturdays at 6pm there is a guest panel with tickets inside Wonderland where all event guests are present. At 8 p.m., the newly opened AR Entertainment will host Addy Miller’s special event and Zombie laser tag.

“As great as our partnership with American Wonderland was last year, we’re even more excited to partner with AR Entertainment and now host unique experiences like this weekend’s additional event,” event coordinator Angel Castorena said in a release. “We also remain committed to keeping our events free and open to the public in 2023, and with the help of our supporters and growth, the level of activity in our community continues to increase. We really enjoy bringing local artists, small businesses and everyday fans together with connect with some of their favorite characters.”

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