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Shashi Tharoor on Contradiction-News

Shashi Tharoor on Contradiction-News

A figure of speech that politicians like me need to be familiar with is a self-contradictory statement, in which seemingly contradictory terms appear in combination. Take this sentence as an example: “Even if he swore to be loyal to the party leader forever, he would look around to find out if he could do better, but she was attracted by his hypocritical attitude.”

Oxymorons sound like panting idiots, but they are just phrases (such as “false true” in this example, or “love and hatred” in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) combining two words with opposite meanings in Together, it works well. Of course, politics is everywhere that those serious professions are fake, but this is another matter entirely.

“Oxymoron” is derived from the Greek word oksus, which means sharp or sharp, and moros, which means dull or stupid. Of course, for contradictory statements, the combined expression must make sense: it doesn’t make sense to say “black and white” and expect people to rant and admire, unless you are referring to an African gentleman named Mr. White, in which case it It is a contradiction.

In fact, contradictory statements are much more common than people think. How many people are trapped in places where she shouldn’t go and are told to “act naturally”? Either you are acting or you are natural-put them together and you have contradictions. How many seemingly knowledgeable people confided to you “open secrets”? If it is open, how is it kept secret? How often do the clerks request the “original”? Or, when negotiating a service, have you asked for an “accurate estimate”? These are contradictory statements, because if you look at each word, a word seems to contradict each other, but all of us are very clear about their meaning.

When I was attacked by Indian politicians and the media for using the term “bull class”, I was “obviously misunderstood”-I used this term, but it does not mean what my critics think. A girl was “discovered missing” during a roll call at a boarding school. This is not only a contradiction but also a major crisis in school management. (The girl is missing, she needs to be found!) Of course, the boys’ boarding school has a lot of conversations about girls, and many superficial judgments passed involve contradictions-“God, she is ugly”, “She is too ugly” and beautiful” , “The woman hardly wears clothes”, etc. Girls are not so superficial and may use other contradictory words to describe the boys they know: for example, “he is really funny” or “he is very good.”

In essence, contradictory modifiers are also suitable for low humor-when terms that are not actually contradictory are put together and described as contradictory modifiers (even if they should not be), the joke is that you think the expression is terminological Contradiction. Some British people say that “American culture” is contradictory. (When Washington made efforts all over the world to cause the term “ugly American” to be coined, some commentators rudely believed that “U.S. diplomacy” was also a contradiction.) In turn, many American diplomats would consider ” The “country” of the United States is also a contradiction, because countries rarely unite. In fact, in the days before automatic correction, a common typographical error was “United Nations”!

The armed forces are no stranger to self-contradiction: think about “Friendly Fire”, it will bring down your own soldiers. Some pseudo-intellectuals will go further and classify “military intelligence” as a self-contradictory term, which reinforces the image of bluffing honest soldiers, and they have no ideas in their minds—because they sneer, only unintelligent people Will risk their lives for the country and go to war. Or worse, to fight in another paradoxical way, the “civil war”-what could be more uncivilized than war? Of course, when they resigned, many soldiers sought to “actively retire”-another contradiction.

The cynical public seems to think that “honest politicians” are contradictory. Therefore, the retort of politicians is “business ethics.” Many people will laugh at the improper use of “educational television”. Anti-romanticists would claim that “marriage happily” is contradictory…

Let frustrated computer users choose a contradictory statement from their daily experience, and many people would suggest “Microsoft Works.” Does it work for you?

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