Spinners Adil Rashid and Fabian Allen limit Bangla Tigers to ensure Abu Dhabi’s strength


Spinners Adil Rashid and Fabian Allen limit Bangla Tigers to ensure Abu Dhabi’s strength

Abu Dhabi Spinning Fleet Adil Rashid Fabian Allen limited the Bengals to 74 off 5 runs and helped them out in the 24th match of the ninth day of the Abu Dhabi T10 at the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. The team has won eight times in 24 games.

Chris Lynn’s 33-match unbeaten run with just 17 balls, 4 and 6, James Vince 17 balls 29 balls, 4 and 6 were strongly supported to lead the Abu Dhabi reached their goal in just seven offsides.close spinner Adil Rashid Taking just two wickets for eight, left-arm spinner Bian Allen took two wickets for 10.

Abu Dhabi opted to play after winning the throw. Bangla Tigers opener Hazratullah Zazai snatched the fourth off the first off Naveen Ul Haq for the boundary. Zazai hit Peter Hatzoglou’s first ball, hit another boundary through extra coverage, and flicked the next ball for a six. Adil Rashid The fifth pitch of the second period hit Zazai’s threat, allowing him to be caught by Chris Lynn at 17.

In the fourth innings, Fabian Allen took the prize wicket of the consistent Iftikhar Ahmed and Andrew Tay was caught for 2 by Andrew Tay in deep midfield. In the past two games, Iftikhar has played 83 and 54 unbeaten records.

Tye had an excellent Game 5 while giving up seven runs, and the Bengals were just 2-for-36 from the field at halftime. Making things even tougher for the Bengals was Allen’s clean pitching start to Joe Clark’s 14 runs.Chiragsuri didn’t last long either, scoring seven runs from eight balls before being caught and delivered Adil Rashid At the end of the seventh game.

Lews Gregory hit Hatzoglou’s fourth over, sending the ball from six to center goal, and hit the fifth from the boundary line to the penalty line. In the ninth inning, Tye had Gregory caught by goaltender Kamran Atta for 13 runs. Naveen pitched in the first inning and was reintroduced in the final. He allowed just 11 points and the Bengals were limited to 74 of 5 from the field on 10 turnovers.

It is not difficult for the mighty Abu Dhabi team to score only 75 goals from 60 goals. Chris Lynn batted the first ball of the innings from Jack Lintott over the keeper’s line. He also scored on the fifth and sixth pitches to finish with 14 runs. Alex Hales passed Jake Ball’s first boundary line to third. Lynn then hit the ball to the center line for a six.

Mrittunjoy Chowdhury batted in the second ball of the second over and Hales was caught for six by Chirag Suri in the third. James Vince joined Lynn, but Mrittunjoy gave up just four runs at the close. Vince and Lynn each scored a point off Lewis Gregory to add to 11 after the game.

Rohan Mustafa came up and pitched the fifth, and Vince sent his second pitch to a deep-center wicket for another boundary. Abu Dhabi were well on their way to 50-1 at halfway through and needed another 25 runs from 30 balls remaining.

Vince sped up the game on target by hitting Mrittunjoy a boundary-to-deep square leg on the second and flicked the fourth ball for a six. Needing just 12 over the next 24 balls, Vince pulled Linto a boundary-to-deep square leg. Vince scored 29 for Lintot, who batted on the fourth over. Brandon King stepped in and swept Lintott’s next delivery into the deep square leg for six and won the game by 18 balls.

Brief score:

Abu Dhabi lead the Bangla Tigers by 8 weeks. Bangla Tigers 5 for 10 for 74 (Adil Rashid 8 for 2, Fabian Allen 10 for 2) Abu Dhabi 2 for 7 for 76 (Chris Lynn 34n.o, James Vince 29)

Man of the Match: Chris Lynn

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