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Sponge city to feature at Sharjah Innovation Week

Sponge city to feature at Sharjah Innovation Week

Dake Rechsand and the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) will showcase Sponge City, a pioneering sustainable solution to mitigate flooding and address water scarcity, at Sharjah Innovation Week.

Sponge cities are being driven by Dake Rechsand, a Dubai-based company that specializes in sustainable solutions for desert agriculture and water conservation, in the form of its proprietary product IDer, which has emerged as a tool for mitigating floods and addressing water scarcity at the same time. Novel solution.

Innovation Week, organized by MoEI, will be held from 21st to 23rd February 2023 at the B Building, Sharjah.

mobilize stakeholders

Innovation Week aims to mobilize stakeholders from the public and private sectors to work together towards sustainable development. Shaikhah Alshehhi, representative of MoEI’s Financial Investment Department, will join Chandra Dake, CEO of Dake Rechsand, to introduce Sponge City to the attendees.

“Sponge cities tick several boxes for sustainable development – ​​social, economic and environmental – that are relevant to regional issues: water scarcity and recurring floods. Such issues have become increasingly common in recent years. Seriously, it highlights the need for actionable solutions such as sponge cities. For this reason, Innovation Week comes at an opportune time. By touching on what has been demonstrated, we intend to raise awareness of the solutions at the event,” said Dake.

By design, sponge cities are vast areas where permeable pavers absorb rainwater and drain it into appropriate sewers or store it in underground reservoirs. Harvested rainwater – the purest form of natural water – contributes to enhanced water security. The sponge city is thus an interdisciplinary solution that finds applications in decentralized rainwater harvesting and stormwater management.

“We are delighted to be working with MoEI in our joint effort to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement. The ability of the private sector to develop viable solutions requires top-down commitment from governing bodies for maximum impact,” added Dake. — trade arab news agency

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