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The Crown’s Emma Corrin cast as Deadpool 3 villain

The Crown’s Emma Corrin cast as Deadpool 3 villain

Wolverine could be a real rival to the crafty Wade Wilson deadpool 3, but now also has a real villain. She is a real princess. Emma ColinNon-binary actor known for playing Lady Diana on Netflix crownwill face off against Ryan Reynolds’ mutant anti-hero in his next on-screen adventure, according to the deadline.

No word on who Colin might play.but that dead Pool Movies tend to recast roles of actors already established at Fox x-men universe. Major characters like Colossus and Juggernaut ignore the existing cast, so Corrin could just as easily be someone we’ve seen before, like Emma Frost, as any newcomer. Likewise, Wolverine’s last on-screen adventure, LoganThere are different Caliban actors from the mainline x-men continuity.

Corrin also recently joined the cast of Robert Eggers Nosferatu, starring former Beastie actor Nicholas Hoult.They also played Alfred’s fiancé, Esme Vinicus pennyworthThessaly in Sandman audio drama.although deadpool 3 Will officially be the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine suggesting it will at least start in a Fox movie x-men universe or some variant thereof. By the end, at least for the character Deadpool, the timelines should collide.

Who do you think Colin might play? Let us know in the comments section below!

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