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The UAE keeps reviewing the grounding of flights in India and Pakistan: Emirates-News

The UAE keeps reviewing the grounding of flights in India and Pakistan: Emirates-News

Flights from the subcontinent have been suspended from April 24.

A senior UAE official said that the UAE authorities are constantly reviewing developments related to the coronavirus in India, Pakistan and other countries.

“The routes of India and Pakistan need to be reviewed by the government and the development of the virus situation in these countries. We will wait and see what progress the government will make. However, not only in India and Pakistan, but also on a global scale, they are constantly being reviewed and Covid -19 related developments,” Emirates Chief Operating Officer Adel Al Redha said in response to a query at a virtual press conference that it will be held on Thursday.

UAE has Suspend passenger flights from the Indian subcontinent Since April 24.

In a virtual press conference with local media, Al Redha said that Emirates currently operates nearly 120 destinations, almost the same level as before Covid-19.

“This is a very clear sign of the aviation industry’s recovery. We have always said that the aviation industry will be one of the last regions to recover, especially those regions that are highly dependent on the international market. They will lag behind due to various agreements imposed by different countries. ,” Al Redha added.

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He said that travel from Dubai is increasing because many residents and nationals have not traveled for a long time.

“We are seeing good demand-compared to today, it is almost twice as much as in previous months. People return to their country because they cannot fly early due to the lockdown and strict quarantine and PCR testing requirements. . Then people want to go to a new destination and take a break,” said Emirates’ chief operating officer.

“We operate with 90% and 100% seat factors on certain routes, and the average seat factor for all destinations we serve today is 70-75%.”

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