Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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TikTok’s ‘doubloons’ economic trends, explained

TikTok’s ‘doubloons’ economic trends, explained

Did you also wake up to each other Tik Tok Serving you 10,000 “doubloons” in a way reminiscent of a fever dream, or are you normal?

Like overnight, a trend in between cryptocurrency Swapping and role-playing has taken over the social media platform because it doesn’t seem to involve the actual exchange of funds, even though doubloons are a legitimate (albeit with reservations) form of cryptocurrency.

Instead, TikTokers are giving away, stealing and exchanging so-called funds for fake merchandise, turning FYP memes into something close to real —Life game the skyline or dungeons and dragons. Basically, this newfound virtual economy run by cats, did we mention?Yes meme.

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