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Tried and tested: Dubai’s best home-grown meal plan concept

Tried and tested: Dubai’s best home-grown meal plan concept

Explore a range of options designed to make dining easy…

Plant-based DIY one

Beet box

name: Beet box

background story: This brand new DIY cooking box brand is led by hoteliers Aditi, Dean and Katerina who have worked together at Jumeirah Hotels, Jumeirah Catering and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts to make plant-based meals more accessible and delicious. pride.

Meal plan: Every week you will receive a menu with 100% plant-based meal options for you to choose from. These kits include Korean glass noodle stir-fry, grilled chickpea sweet potatoes, Moroccan tagine with couscous, hearty curry stew and lasagna recipes and fresh pre-allocated ingredients; options range from a two-day set (two Servings, three servings, or four servings) to include a full week of vegan meals.

The best part: In addition to the delicious meals prepared with easy-to-follow recipes, each kit comes with a Spotify link so you can scan and listen to a selection of playlists while cooking.

detail: The price of two recipes per week starts from AED 160, and the delivery date is from Sunday to Saturday, 8 am to noon or 3 pm to 9 pm. Telephone: (058) 123 8700.


name: Foxxy’s Keto

background story: Emiliya aka Foxxy, born from the experiment, tried the ketogenic diet in 2018 and fell in love with it. After noticing the lack of comfort food options on the market, Foxxy started baking for friends and family. Fast forward two years and Foxxy’s Keto concept has developed into a complete meal plan.

Meal plan: In this diet, you must keep carbohydrates low to keep ketosis. But this does not mean that you miss the food. The plan can be two or three meals a day plus a snack, delivered directly to you within 7, 5, and 6 days.

The best part: The creativity involved in making low-carb foods delicious is impressive. Turkey chopped up “pizza” on a bed of zucchini and filled with cheese is a positive choice, and we are happy to replace the real thing.

detail: Prices for two meals and five-day snacks start from AED 675. After booking, the agent will contact you to arrange delivery.

The healthy one

name: Jet Lag Chef

background story: As a former aviation employee, Eliza’s love of cooking began during her confinement. Jet Lag Chef (JLC) combines healthy recipes with Australian flavors, focusing on providing energy to the body instead of punishing or limiting it.

Meal plan: Each dish has a scannable barcode that can be directly linked to MyFitnessPal to help you track your intake. Customers can customize the weekly menu according to their own goals. The calories for lunch and dinner are about 1,100 to 1,200 calories. The plan currently includes lunch and dinner, and more options will be added soon.

The best part: Meat and seafood place great emphasis on quality, and JLC will not shy away from the appropriate parts. Every day you will get a printed out the exact diet classification of each meal. If you are looking for an easy way to add more fresh vegetables and controlled healthy dishes to your daily life, then this is your best choice.

detail: Prices start at AED 575 for two meals over five days, and delivery dates are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Phone: (058) 507 7524. @jetlagged_chef

Protein one

name: Honest badger

background story: Karate black belt and yogi Yasmin created Honest Badger to meet the demand for healthy and indulgent food. The brand likes to play a role in the classics, bringing them a healthy transformation from scratch in their kitchen. Honest Badger is freshly made with wholesome ingredients and provides vegan, active vegan, protein and active protein programs according to the customer’s lifestyle.

Meal plan: For those who like to eat grass all day, Honest Badger will make you happy. You will start with juice, fresh ginger and lemon in the morning (if you can handle it!). Breakfast is exciting and unpredictable, followed by snacks, lunch, another snack, dinner and vegetarian desserts. Our special plan is designed for people who want to focus on a protein diet.

The best part: You will not be bored with the variety provided in this meal plan. I opened the box of kindness in the morning and looked forward to it. In addition, daily delivery services are provided for those who focus on diet planning. A glass of fresh juice in the morning is the refreshing start of the day.

detail: Prices start from AED 155 per day, with delivery 7 days a week. Phone: (050) 223 4981. Honest Badger Food Website


name: Basiligo

background story: Basiligo is an UAE brand focused on building a healthy eating community, providing services throughout the emirate. You will not find any preservatives, additives or MSG in their food, only organic high-quality meals that suit your lifestyle.

Meal plan: In a thorough conversation with an internal nutritionist, you will discuss your goals and requirements, as well as your likes and dislikes about nutrition. Your details will be entered and the dietitian will suggest the perfect plan for your needs. Then, you will receive a menu for you to view, and you can choose to change any dishes you don’t need.

The best part: There is something for everyone, whether you are a ketogenic, an ancient person, an athlete, or you want to enjoy a specific cuisine. We tried the Mediterranean plan, which included everything from paella to steak. The customization aspect is ideal because it eliminates any wasted opportunities.

detail: The weekly plan starts from Dhs400, and the delivery date is from Sunday to Thursday. Phone: (050) 721 8261. Basiligo

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