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Turkey-Syria earthquake, Pakistan floods: Top 5 UAE emergencies to help victims – News

Today marks a month since a series of devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria killed at least 50,000 people and injured many more

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published: Monday, March 6, 2023 at 12:36 pm

Today, March 6, marks a month since a series of devastating earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, Kill at least 50,000 people and left many more injured, tens of thousands still missing and hundreds of thousands homeless – making it the The deadliest earthquake in a decade. The earthquake was so severe that it ruptured more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) between the Anatolian and Arabian plates.

After the disaster, the UAE immediately provided assistance to the countries concerned. From pledging $100 million in disaster relief funds, to setting up field hospitals, and even sending search and rescue teams and aid planes, the country has spared no effort to provide support to the people of Turkey and Syria in times of need.

However, this is not the first time the country has become a pillar of support for those in need. Here are 5 times the UAE rushed to aid victims of natural disasters and humanitarian crises when they needed them most.

UAE pledges $100 million for Turkey-Syria earthquake relief

UAE pledges AED184 million humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

In March 2021, the UAE committed to direct humanitarian projects worth AED184 million (US$50 million) in Afghanistan.

In September 2021, 12 planes carrying 285 tons of emergency food and medical supplies were transported to Afghanistan through the completed air bridge to meet the needs of Afghan families.

In addition, the UAE evacuated more than 40,000 Afghans and foreign nationals from Afghanistan and temporarily housed thousands of evacuated Afghan families before they traveled to their next destination.

UAE directs emergency aid, operates air bridge for Pakistan flood relief

The UAE Ministry of Defense operated an air bridge to deliver relief supplies, and soon 19 UAE flights – carrying food and supplies – landed in Pakistan.

The Emirates Red Crescent has also launched a campaign that allows people to donate via text message. In a statement, Pakistani Prime Minister Sheikhbaz Sharif thanked the UAE government for its continued support, especially in establishing a humanitarian corridor between the two countries.

UAE pledges AED220 million to support global efforts to fight Covid-19

Last May, the UAE pledged to donate 220 million dirhams ($60 million) to support global efforts to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for future pandemics, including variants of the coronavirus.

In addition, China has provided medical supplies needed to fight the epidemic to 136 countries. In addition to the Covax initiative, it has supported the establishment of field hospitals in nine countries and donated $50 million to support the delivery of vaccines to developing countries.

UAE pledges AED367 million to support education of women and girls worldwide

The donation reaffirms the country’s passion to provide quality education to children around the world. Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is determined to work with regional and international partners to build the skills of women, girls and youth, an official said.

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