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UAE bans Pakistani city

UAE bans Pakistani city

Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates have been best friends since the establishment of the UAE in 1971. At that time, the two countries carried out extensive cooperation in various fields. Pakistan was the first country to recognize the UAE and continues to be a major donor of economic and financial assistance to Pakistan.

This positive relationship with neighboring countries also drives Pakistanis to move to the UAE for work. According to the 2022 report, about 1,280,000 (12.8 million) Pakistanis make up about 12.69% of the UAE population. But recently, the United Arab Emirates banned travel to 24 cities in Pakistan and restricted visitor visas for people from those areas.

It must be noted that thousands of people are employed and successfully running their families in the UAE. If these people are not allowed in the UAE, it will definitely be difficult to support a family.

According to some reports, the UAE government has imposed a visa ban on these cities because they are not working and instead begging in the UAE. The earlier visa ban was targeted at 22 cities, but it has now been extended to 24 cities. According to reports, many Pakistanis who come to work in the UAE end up begging on the streets.

The UAE has strict laws against begging. The anti-begging campaign has also repeatedly warned people not to give anything to beggars.

Even though Pakistan has denied all these reports, it is still an embarrassing moment for Pakistan to be banned from visas by neighboring countries. It seems bogus that they go there to beg; people, especially from Skardu and Quetta, never take a rupee for free, so how can they beg?

The Pakistani government and foreign minister must respond appropriately to this issue and resolve the issue by convincing the UAE government; otherwise, thousands of families will face some difficulties if they are banned from entering the UAE.

Gulsamien Hassan,


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