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UAE: Moving?Here’s How to Transfer Internet, TV, and Landline Connections

UAE: Moving?Here’s How to Transfer Internet, TV, and Landline Connections

Dubai: Moving house can be stressful, but when it comes to transferring internet, landline and TV services to your new home, you can request that your connection be transferred online within minutes.

That’s everything you need to know.

Pay attention to three points when applying for services

1. Are you moving to a new emirate or to a location served by another operator? If so, you won’t be able to use the service to transfer your landline and internet connection. Instead, you will need to cancel your current account and apply for a new one through Etisalat or du.

2. Take your wireless router, set-top box, and cables to the new location, as the technician will ask them to set up the connection.

3. Request a transfer a few days in advance, or at least a day in advance, as Internet, TV, and landline phone services take approximately 12 to 24 hours to be fully operational.


If your services are provided by Etisalat, there are three channels through which you can request the transfer of your telephone, TV and Internet (eLife Connection):

Emirates Telecom Business Center
Etisalat’s Free Call Center – 101
My Etisalat App – Available for Apple, Android and Huawei devices

Important details you will need to provide for the transfer:

Whether you apply online or at an Etisalat Business Center, you must apply for the service to transfer your existing eLife service to a new location, not for an ‘eLife New Account’ as a new user.

Here are the details you need to provide:

• The location and address of the new residence
• Date of move out and date of installation when service was disconnected – this is the date you moved into your new home.
wind number for the new address.

Steps to apply through the Etisalat application:

Download the “My etisalat” app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery.

1. After downloading the app, you must log in or create an account or pass your UAE Pass Account .
2. Next, select “Profile” located at the bottom of your phone’s screen. Once in your profile settings, click on “Orders and Requests”.
3. Next, select “Home-Moving” to request service.
4. Then, enter the location and address of your new home. Also, enter the Makani number.
5. Next, enter a “move out” date and an install date.
6. Submit the request.
7. After you submit your request, Etisalat will close the existing eLife in your previous home on the date you specify.
8. After disconnection, an Etisalat technician will visit your new home on the selected date to set up the connection.


you will be charged 150 dirhams Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included and applies to standard installations.


If you are a Du user, you can apply to transfer your Du service in two ways:

• Via the Du website – du.ae.
• Du app – available for Apple, Android and Huawei devices.

Important details and documents you will need for the transfer:

• If you own property, a copy of the lease contract or title deed.
• The location and address of the new home.
• Move-out and move-in dates.

How to transfer Dujia network, TV and landline online:

1. If you choose to proceed through the website, please follow this link: https://www.du.ae/personal/at-home/moving-to-a-new-home
2. You can log in with your DU account or enter a one-time password (OTP) to log in. To do this, you must enter your mobile phone number. After entering the OTP, you must enter your full name, email address, nationality and Emirates ID details.
3. Next, you will be directed to the Family Relocation page – you must then complete the information form and upload the required documents.
4. Submit the request.
5. A Du call center agent will get in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm the relocation and installation date. Once confirmed, Du will disconnect your previous home internet, landline and TV according to your requested date.
6. A technician will then arrive at your new home on the selected date and establish the connection.

Via the Du app

1. Download the app. Log in with your Du account or OTP.
2. Then find the “Home Relocation Service” option in the “Home Plan” section.
3. Then fill out the information form and submit the request.
4. A call center agent will then contact you to confirm the date upon which the service will be disconnected from your previous location and set up in your new home.


Moving expenses 100 dirhams It will be charged on your next bill.

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