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UAE: Pakistani boy with rare cancer gets free treatment-News

UAE: Pakistani boy with rare cancer gets free treatment-News

He initially complained of a sore throat and was later diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Mohammed Talha, 12, had no medical insurance when he was diagnosed with cancer. But thanks to the free treatment provided by a private hospital in Abu Dhabi, he was able to beat Big C.

Earlier this year, Talha, a seventh-grade Pakistani student in a school in Abu Dhabi, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare childhood cancer. The diagnosis was made in a Pakistani hospital where he and his family were on a short trip.

“We went to Pakistan to attend an event and visit our relatives. One day, Talha came to me complaining of a sore throat. I took him to a nearby hospital. We didn’t know the worst news was waiting for us,” his father Mukhtar said he is a real estate agent.

The doctor found that Talha’s throat was swollen. They suspected that there was a chance of cancer, and they did a biopsy, which ended up ruining a family.

“When the doctor told me that Talha had cancer, I couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t know how to respond. I felt the world had come to an end. My child complained of a sore throat, and now he has cancer,” Mukhtar Recalled.

With prayers and hope for better medical care, the family returned to Abu Dhabi.

Residents of Mohammed Bin Zayed go to the nearby Burjeel Medical City. They met Dr. Zainul Aabideen, a pediatric consultant, who told them that cancer is treatable and the chance of recovery is high.

However, this family has only recently insured Talha, and cancer treatment is not covered.

“But God is very kind to us. Doctor Aabideen and the hospital come forward to help. They provide treatment for free,” said his father.

Talha underwent a series of tests and scans. A multidisciplinary team studied the case and developed an intensive treatment plan. The latest scans and test results show that Talha no longer has cancer.

“For us, Talha’s recovery is exciting. God is great and kind,” Mukhtar said with a sigh of relief.

Dr. Aabideen pointed out that the boy showed great courage during the treatment.

“He knows his condition well. We were surprised to see the positivity emanating from him. Talha is very confident that he will recover and return to a normal life. He has shown maturity beyond his age. He is very cooperative and pious. Followed the instructions,” the doctor said.

Talha, who is now in good health, will soon be discharged from Burj Medical City. He will have to undergo routine check-ups and continue treatment for the next six months to avoid recurrence.



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