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UAE: Police summit tackles challenges in fighting crime and enhancing security – News


published: Friday, February 24, 2023 at 12:03 am

The three-day Police Summit aims to bring together top police officers, security leaders, law enforcement officials and experts from around the world to share their knowledge and experience and discuss the most significant global challenges in fighting crime and enhancing security.

The Dubai Police Command will host the second World Police Summit at the Dubai World Trade Center from 7-9 March 2023.

The announcement was made at a press conference held at the Dubai Police Innovation Lab on Thursday in the presence of Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering; Director General, Emirates News Agency (WAM) Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi; Brigadier Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al Mualla, Director General, Directorate General of Excellence and Development, Dubai Police; Colonel Dr. Abdul Rahman Sharaf Al Maamari, Deputy Director, Hemaya International Center, Anti-Narcotics Directorate General; and representatives of the General Department and Police, officials and media.

communication technology

Al Obaidly pointed out at the beginning of his speech that transnational organized crime takes many forms and is constantly evolving, especially those related to technology, and criminals are becoming more and more adept at hiding dangerous criminal activities thousands of miles away. victim. “This requires an effective response based on increased international cooperation between police and security agencies and law enforcement agencies, and the development of new rapid communication channels for rapid cooperation and intelligence exchange,” he said.

100th anniversary

He added: “We have been working within the framework of the Ministry of Home Affairs to consolidate our collaborative efforts with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, to support its efforts to combat and prevent organized crime, and further Facilitate coordinated and communication operations among active-duty police agencies around the world.”

He reiterated that during the World Police Summit, experts, police leaders and law enforcement officials will discuss the most resilient and innovative approaches to policing to implement best practices in the fight against organized crime and keep pace with the most sophisticated criminal technologies .

Innovation and Resilience

Al Obaidly also explained that the ‘Innovation and Resilience in Police Work’ session had multiple topics, including road safety and security, innovation and technology and the factors influencing the adoption of these technologies by police agencies around the world, organizational agility, gender balance and quality management .


Al Mualla noted that drones are becoming an important tool in support of law enforcement efforts. “From frontline operations to surveillance, drones are helping police forces with a wide range of tasks. During the World Police Summit, law enforcement officials and experts will discuss the latest developments in drone systems and their impact on a variety of police missions, including emergency response response and crime scene investigation,” he continued.


He also said that the K9 session of the World Police Summit will bring together top police dog experts from around the world to share and demonstrate proven law enforcement training and handling strategies. “Senior police officers will have a great opportunity to gain insight into the latest technologies and innovations that can improve K9 training programs, enhance their senses, and support proper breeding of police dogs.

technology display

Al Mualla said the summit consisted of six sessions: Innovation and Resilience in Police Work, Forensic Science, Crime Prevention, Drug Control, Drones and Police Dogs. The summit will also include an international exhibition showcasing cutting-edge technologies that can enhance police and security work.

anti-drug conference

Al Maamari said the anti-drug conference will bring together key stakeholders for high-level discussions on the complexities of drug trade across economies and explore innovative programs to raise community awareness of the dangers of psychotropic drugs, address addiction and support recovery . He also noted that the fight against drug trafficking and abuse requires collaboration among law enforcement agencies, police forces, governments and public health organizations to raise awareness and prevent drug use in communities.

road police

Al Mualla also revealed that in conjunction with the World Police Summit, Dubai will host the “Roadpol 2023 Spring Conference” of the European Road Policing Network (Roadpol), which will be held for the first time outside Europe from 4-6 April 2020. March.

He added: “The conference will bring together members of the Roadpol Council, traffic police from countries across Europe and working groups specializing in road safety and security operations and technology to discuss ways to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Europe’s roads.”

crime prevention

Al Muaini said the crime prevention conference would provide a high-level platform to examine the immediate priorities facing police forces and law enforcement agencies in the wake of changing crime patterns, the availability and accessibility of cutting-edge technology, and changing motivations for crime.

“The conference will delve into the latest technologies and techniques in fighting crime, including a focus on crime and criminal justice, financial crime and anti-money laundering, and cybercrime, which will facilitate the development of future-proof strategies to enhance public safety,” he continued.

Forensic Science Conference

At the same time, Al Mansouri noted that advances in forensic science are playing a vital role in driving progress across a wide range of industries, including law enforcement. “The Forensic Science Conference at the World Police Summit will bring together international experts, scientists and researchers to showcase the latest scientific and technological developments in the field,” he added.

communication network

He emphasized the importance of strengthening partnerships among law enforcement agencies around the world and improving communication networks and cooperation mechanisms to exchange intelligence and expertise. He stressed that such efforts were essential to effectively combat drug trafficking, smuggling and marketing.

He continued, “Drug cartels are constantly employing new methods, some of which are very sophisticated and subtle, to smuggle and market their toxins.” Convert it to solid state after destination.

global cooperation

Al Mansouri highlighted the importance of organizing and holding regional and global conferences, such as the World Police Summit, to discuss drug control issues and strengthen international cooperation and cooperation between police leaders and law enforcement agencies through the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). coordination.

209 international fugitives

He also revealed that in the past three years, the Dubai Police, in cooperation with liaison officers, delivered 653 important security reminders to 43 countries, arrested 209 international fugitives, and seized 12 tons and 773 kilograms of drugs. Drugs with an estimated street value of Dh143,391,610.

He also cited specific examples of international cooperation, including the cooperation between Dubai Police and Canadian authorities, which resulted in the seizure of 2.5 tons of opium, worth more than $50 million, hidden in 247 shipping pallets in 19 containers.

Al Mansouri emphasized that joint international efforts and strengthening communication networks among law enforcement agencies are the only way to combat cross-border organized crime, which will be the focus of discussions at the upcoming World Police Summit 2023.

fight crime

He confirmed that police and security work was integrated across all its departments. Thus, through its meetings, the summit addresses various challenges in fighting crime and enhancing security. “The ‘Forensic Science’ session will focus on DNA data privacy and security challenges and the ability to handle large and complex datasets,” he concluded.


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