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UAE Polo beats IFZA Habtoor Polo to become IFZA Gold Cup winner

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Members of the UAE polo team pose for a photo with patron Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum after the awards ceremony.

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The IFZA Gold Cup 2023 culmination showcases the season’s best polo teams vying for the coveted Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series trophy in an exciting match.

The occasion is filled with sportsmanship, live entertainment, elegance, entertainment and offers tantalizing rewards and gifts for spectators and viewers.

The finale of the Dubai Open 2023 is eagerly awaited as it is staged by two of the biggest contenders for the IFZA Gold Cup 2023 – the UAE Polo Team and the IFZA Habtoor Polo Team.

Tommy Beresford scored the first goal of the tournament for the UAE polo team. Soon after, Juan Jauretche and Bautista Bayugar each scored a goal for the IFZA Habtoor Polo.

The second period started with two back-to-back goals from Bayugar and two back-to-back goals from Tommy Beresford, and the two teams ended the second period tied with four goals each.

The next two overs were a quick exchange of goals, but the UAE took a one-goal lead at the end of the penultimate over.

With seven minutes remaining, UAE Polo did their thing, with Lucas Monteverde Jr. and Tommy Beresford managing to create a three-goal pad in the middle.

Bayugar managed to score a goal for the IFZA Habtoor Polo, but it was Lucas Monteverde Jr. who scored the decisive goal to secure the UAE Polo’s eventual victory as two-time winners of the 2023 IFZA Gold Cup.

The Bentley Affiliated Final of the IFZA Gold Cup had previously featured a tight match between CAFU’s Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves, with Carlos Ulloa scoring the opening goal and Pablo Llorente Jr. quickly equalizing in the first leg.

Wolves’ backer Habtoor scored a wonderful goal with Ulloa’s last goal in the last quarter, leading the team to rush to the second goal with a two-goal advantage.

Wolves took full control of the game in the third quarter, with the black shirts of Dubai Wolves taking a three-goal lead.

In the final over, Teodoro Rakau of Dubai Wolves extended the score to double digits, and Ulloa closed the game with an 11-8 score to seal the victory for Dubai Wolves.

IFZA President Martin G. Pederson presents the team at the 2023 IFZA Gold Cup Final. Tommy Beresford was named the Most Valuable Player.

Nova, the polo pony ridden by Lucas Monteverde Jr., was named Best Polo Playing Pony and Open Pollera’s Best Polo Playing Pont Argentine Polo Breeding.

Eight teams including AM Polo, Bangash Dodson & Horrell Polo, Clinova Noah Polo, Dubai Wolves from CAFU Polo, Ghantoot Polo, IFZA Habtoor Polo, Mahra from AIX Investment Group Polo

The UAE polo team took part in the prestigious Dubai Open, which was played on a 20-goal handicap for the first time since its inception in 2009.

The Gold Cup is one of five events in the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series (DPGCS), sanctioned and certified by the World Polo Tour (WPT).

It is played under the WPT Champions category, which is considered one of the highest-scoring tournaments.

Play under the DPGCS is part of the UAE Polo Federation, follows the rules of the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) and is played under the rules of its judges.

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