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WORLD NEWS | Afghanistan: Paktika earthquake victims live in caves to keep out the cold

WORLD NEWS | Afghanistan: Paktika earthquake victims live in caves to keep out the cold

kabul [Afghanistan]Jan. 29 (ANI): People in the earthquake-hit Paktika province of Afghanistan are already living miserable lives and continue to face problems amid Afghanistan’s cold snap as they are forced to live in caves, TOLOnews reported.

Many people have died from the extreme cold across the war-torn country. Many residents of the Gayan, Barmal and Ziruk districts of Paktika Province live in caves to survive the cold weather.

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In less than two months, 35 people, including women and children, died from the cold in these areas, according to information provided by provincial officials, TOLOnews reported.

More than 100 people have been killed across Afghanistan due to firewood shortages and a severe humanitarian crisis.

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“It’s cold and I’m trying to find something to start a fire,” Kramatura, who lives in a tent with his family, told TOLOnews.

Previously, the earthquake in Paktia province killed many families who endured the cold; however, the cold is affecting them. Now, the cold is causing trouble for many families.

The earthquake that hit Paktika and Khost provinces this summer completely destroyed more than 7,800 houses, 6,000 of them in Gayan district, according to official statistics. (Arnie)

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