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WORLD NEWS | Dubai Police organizes ‘Empower Youth and Prepare Leaders’ retreat


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dubai [UAE]17th May (ANI/WAM): The Dubai Police Youth Leadership Council organized a youth retreat titled ‘Empowering Youth and Developing Leaders’ to discuss the key challenges of youth empowerment at work, preparing and developing youth Innovative practices of leaders and platforms and channels for young people to communicate.

Fifty young men and women from various integrated departments and police stations in Dubai, as well as Youth Councils, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Municipality, ENOC, Civil Aviation Authority and Federal Youth Foundation from Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

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Salama Al Falasi, Chairman of the Dubai Police Youth Leadership Council, emphasized that the Youth Retreat, which involved members from various councils in the country, was an opportunity to exchange ideas and practices, hear stories of youth and the challenges they face as well as approaches and approaches. The means by which they can overcome obstacles.

She also noted that Dubai Police is committed to developing and developing future leaders and has made significant progress in training young leaders who have proven their worth and capabilities in various local and global forums and events.

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Al Falasi explained that the retreat discussed the main challenges youth face in the workplace, including balancing work and personal life, which is critical to maintaining physical and mental health and productivity.

“Furthermore, it addresses the provision of a stimulating and nurturing work environment for young people’s creativity and innovation, opportunities for professional development and advancement into leadership positions,” she added.

Captain Khalifa Al Room, Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Police Youth Leadership Council, said regular direct meetings with young people are one of the most important tools in developing all processes related to empowering, preparing and developing youth leaders.

He added that exchanging personal experiences and practices adds value to every young man and woman, stressing that the Dubai Police Youth Leaders Council has an advanced qualification system, including clear pathways for qualification courses, training, knowledge support, talent and more. Management and encouragement, and secondary leadership training programs.

The youth retreat discussed the platforms and channels for communication with youth, the monitoring and clarification mechanism for opinions and suggestions, and the most important measures and effective experiences to strengthen communication between youth and senior leaders. (ANI/WAM)

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