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World News | India is important to us, recent meeting between two countries is proof: Iran envoy

World News | India is important to us, recent meeting between two countries is proof: Iran envoy

Iranian Ambassador to India Iraj Elahi (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India]Feb 10 (ANI): Iran’s ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi, says India is “most important to Iran”, as evidenced by the recent cordial meeting between Tehran’s President Ibrahim Rashid and Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

Speaking on the 44th anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Elahi said the highly involved Indian port of Chabahar was considered a “golden gateway”.

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There is no doubt that India is of paramount importance to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The recent cordial meeting between His Excellency President Rashid and Prime Minister Modi in Samarkand in 2022, as well as regular visits by senior officials from both countries, is evidence of this A little. My dear friends, I am proud to announce that the commonalities and historical ties of the two countries, combined with their independent approach, and the complementary economic capabilities of Iran and India, make them National Partners. Thanks to the good Thanks to political ties and the strong will of the government authorities of the two countries, trade relations have increased significantly,” he said.

“Energy has always been an important part of the trade relationship between Iran and India, although external pressure has caused problems in this area in recent years. But we believe that India’s strategic autonomy is still the biggest support for the continuation of this cooperation.” Chaba The Har port has been another area of ​​cooperation between Iran and India, and the Chabahar port is considered a golden gateway connecting the countries along the Indian Ocean with Central Asia and the Caucasus. The crisis has made the development and operation of this port and the activation of the North-South corridor all the more necessary for both countries here,” he added.

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The Iranian ambassador said that the Islamic Revolution took place 44 years ago, which successfully overthrew the Shah regime and established a system that allowed the people to decide their own political and social destiny through democratic mechanisms.

He further stated that in the past forty years, the Iranian people and government “have experienced many plots and problems, including imposed wars, economic sanctions or economic terrorism, maximum pressure and most recently hybrid wars”, but in the face of national unity With the help of wise leadership, the country has been able to emerge in the fields of science, economy and technology.

Talking about the literacy rate, Elahi said, “Today, the literacy rate in Iran is more than 95 percent, and Iran ranks 16th out of 200 countries in the world. The Islamic Revolution also contributed to the empowerment of Iranian women in terms of scientific achievements. Currently, university 55% of students, 40% of doctors and 33 professors are women.

“The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been based on the principles and values ​​of the Islamic Revolution. Therefore, Iran’s international arena is defending peace and justice, rationality and independence, rejecting discrimination, aggression and foreign interference. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been The oppressed peoples of the world, including the people of Palestine, stand together. The Islamic Republic of Iran has paid a heavy moral and material price for its heroic efforts at the forefront of combating the evil phenomenon of terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking. One of the results of the Islamic Revolution It is strengthening relations with neighbors and long-term partners,” he added.

Federal Minister Sarbananda Sonowal was also present at the event. (Arnie)

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