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WORLD NEWS | International community hails India’s G20 presidency

WORLD NEWS | International community hails India’s G20 presidency

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New Delhi [India]Feb 9 (ANI): Ever since India assumed the one-year G20 presidency on December 1 last year, the world has been admiring the way the country conducts itself in the bloc of world powers.

Recently, an official of the World Health Organization (WHO) praised the way India led the G20 presidency at the health working group meeting, describing it as an “exciting moment in history”, adding that it raised the profile of the global South.

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Ayoade Alakija, WHO Special Envoy for the ACT Accelerator, said she was very eager to see collaborations in the Global South that could match and adapt to the new world order. She also expressed hope that the process will certainly help.

Over the past few years, India has been globally lauded for its effective handling of the Covid-19 situation and for sending vaccines abroad under its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ initiative.

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The official also said she believed the world came to India not just to have discussions on various topics but also to try to learn from it as the country has witnessed major developments in several areas including health, finance and infrastructure. Digital transformation at scale. She further added that the ongoing meeting will provide a relevant platform on how we can learn from each other and become active players in South Africa, Africa, India, Latin America and other countries across the globe.

“How we share our experiences and innovate together, how we create the world we want together … that world will truly be a world that serves our … people,” the envoy said.

Speaking at the same meeting, Ayush Ministry Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha stressed that multilateral cooperation is essential for knowledge sharing and building a framework for accessible, affordable and quality healthcare based on the philosophy of ‘One World, One Health’. Connecting the world through medical value travel based on integrated healthcare will address the shortcomings and inequalities of the current healthcare system, he said.

Director of Digital Health and Innovation Dr Alan Labrick also praised the country, saying that India five years ago was not the same India it is today. “So, I think, it’s a place where I want to see India become a beacon for other countries to learn from,” he said.

Saying that “success” is built on the “trust” factor, Dr. Alain Labrique described “trust” as the context for policy, for legislation that protects privacy and security and builds the trust of individuals in using the system.

The official also shed light on the legislative and policy elements needed for digital success to become a reality. “Therefore, we must consider where we are today while also developing solutions for tomorrow, keeping in mind that everyone should benefit from this technological revolution,” the official said.

India’s presidency of the G20 is historic as it is the first time that the “troika” consists only of developing countries.

The troika is how the G20 presidency operates. It includes the country with the current president, the country with an earlier president, and the country with the upcoming president. This time India (the current president), Indonesia (the former president) and Brazil (the next president) will form a troika.

Developing countries are facing many challenges, and the G20 has the responsibility to shape the world agenda and lead global peace and stability. (Arnie)

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